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In an industry as fast-moving as plastics manufacturing, where speed and efficiency are king, it can be difficult to balance competing priorities.

But no matter your workload, lubrication is one area that you can’t afford to overlook.

Not only can it help protect both productivity and profits, but it can also contribute to your sustainability targets, and provide an opportunity for differentiation amidst a highly competitive marketplace.

Because, more than half of your industry competitors often experience breakdowns due to ineffective lubrication1. Breakdowns that lead to higher maintenance costs and lower efficiency.

Our aim is to help your company proactively use effective lubrication to your advantage, by:

  • maximising output
  • minimising costs
  • meeting your sustainability goals.

Survey commissioned by Shell Lubricants and conducted by independent research firm Edelman Intelligence. Based on 493 interviews with manufacturing sector staff who purchase, influence the purchase or use lubricants / greases as part of their job across 8 countries (Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Russia, UK, US) from November to December 2015.


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Case Study: Pilsa Plastics

We helped extend this operation’s oil-drain intervals by 100 per cent. What could we do for yours?

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