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Don’t Just Prevent Breakdown, Perfect Uptime

Downtime can be disastrous for a plastic injection moulding operation, but maintenance should not only be focused on preventing breakdowns.

Doing so can cause optimisation to be overlooked, allowing equipment to run at suboptimal levels for extended periods of time.

With businesses judged on high-quality output in the fastest possible cycle speed, the resulting long-term inefficiencies can be as damaging to your bottom line as total machine failure.

Energy efficiency, too, is an area where proper lubrication can help. In doing so, it can help reduce the resulting carbon emissions, helping your company work towards your sustainability goals.

Shell Lubricant Solutions provides the fluids and supporting services required to optimise equipment performance.

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Shell Lubricant Solutions provides the fluids and supporting services required to optimise equipment performance.

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Hydraulic Fluid

Shell Tellus fluids are designed to provide robust protection for your hydraulic system and help you to reduce incidence of equipment failure.


The Shell Gadus range provides low-noise, high quality greases for your electric motors and bearings.

Compressor Oils

Explore our range of Shell Corena compressor oils, proven to help reduce your operational costs without compromising protection.

Gear Oils

Keep your gears turning with Shell Omala gear oils that meet the demands of the most advanced OEM gearbox designs.

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Shell LubeAnalyst

Oil condition monitoring that enables you to continually track your equipment’s performance and use those insights to inform better maintenance decisions.

Shell LubeChat

Don’t let lubrication issues get out of hand. Use Shell LubeChat for instant, 24/7 access to Shell expertise, direct to your online device.

Shell LubeAdvisor

From office-based technical helpdesks to field-based lubrication engineers, our team of world class support staff is ready to help you choose the right products and improve lubrication processes.

Shell LubeOptimiser

An end-to-end solution designed to help companies address common challenges, such as simplifying operations, reducing downtime, and protecting equipment.

Lubricants for Plastic Injection Moulding

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