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Assembling Partnerships

Making Progress Through Partnerships

No industry transformation ever happens in isolation and the same can be said for the advancement of robotics. Collaboration – both across manufacturing and cross-sector – will be critical for the continued development and deployment of industrial robots.

Therefore, operators, lubricant suppliers, OEMs and technology companies must work together to share ideas and test technologies, if manufacturers are to get the most from robotic technologies.

Real-world robotics trials

The sharing of ideas must then be met with the testing of technologies. Alongside a leading RV OEM, Shell conducted a complex testing programme under real-life operating conditions, to ensure that Shell Gadus V80XE 00 was a suitable grease for RV applications.

Benchmarking the Shell Gadus grease against a well-recognised competitor product, the pair of greases were tested: on RV types from various OEMs; against higher loads than normal to accelerate testing outcome; and under non-stop operation for extended periods.

Pushing the grease to these limits helps ensure that manufacturing operators can consistently rely on the product meeting their own operational needs, day after day. Ultimately, the testing proved that Shell Gadus S4 V80XE 00:

  • Extends RV service life significantly
  • Enables longer relubrication intervals
  • Runs at a lower temperature
  • Reduces iron contamination

Industry 4.0 for Manufacturers Infographic

As Industry 4.0 technology uptake rises across the manufacturing industry, the risks of not adopting become greater. Stay ahead of the curve with the help of an expert partner.

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