Robotic arm in operation at a manufacturing plant

5 Reasons Lubrication is Important for Industrial Robots

Robotic arm in production

Whether your industrial robot is involved in material handling, assembly or dispensing, over time it can become exposed to the effects of wear and corrosion. This is a result of the extensive movement that robots perform each and every day, often for longer periods of time than any human employee would be expected to operate for.

With so much continued stress placed upon the equipment, it’s only natural for there to be consequences. However, effective lubrication can go a long way to negating the impact of these effects, making it a vital part of your robotics maintenance. In fact, the right grease or oil can do more than you perhaps think:

1. Increased production output

A good grease or oil lubricates well under high loads, ensuring the robot in question is not only able to perform at its peak, but can do so consistently over a long period of time.

2. Reduced downtime

High loads and demanding conditions can cause surface contact over time, leading to wear. The right grease or oil will protect against vibration damage, friction and grease ageing, which can all cause unplanned stoppages.

3. Lower operating costs

Whether it’s caused by oil leakage, downtime or energy wastage, underperforming robotics can quickly become a drain on the bottom line. A quality lubricant, with the right protective properties, can help combat these issues before they become critical.

4. Improved product quality

Precision is king for many manufacturing sectors, which is why robotics is such a game-changing development. However, every industrial robot needs a lubricant that can regulate temperatures and loads in order to maintain this precision over the long term.

5. Less waste

A higher-performing grease or oil means extended service life and longer lubrication intervals. Both of which translate to less physical waste and manual maintenance, meaning a more streamlined and sustainable operation.

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