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How to Assemble Effective Robotics Maintenance

Whether you’ve only recently integrated industrial robots into your operation or you’re simply looking to finetune existing machinery, the correct equipment lubrication and servicing should be at the top of your to-do list. After all, there’s little point in investing in Industry 4.0 technologies like robotics, only to waste that potential by not putting the right maintenance practices in place.

But because robotics tend to be highly specialised pieces of equipment, their component care can require a shift in gears from your general maintenance approach. To make this process as smooth as possible, Shell Lubricant Solutions provides manufacturing operators with a portfolio of robotics gear oils and greases, alongside complementary maintenance services, that are designed to save you time, money and stress.

Discover our full portfolio of products:

  • Shell Robotic Gear Oil – Discover how these high-performance synthetic lubricants can provide an oil-drain interval in excess of 24,000 hours of service, no matter your operating temperature.
  • Shell RV Grease – Formulated specifically for RV reducers, Shell Gadus greases help control the friction regime of bearings, so you can increase your equipment lifetime.
  • Shell HD Grease – If your robotic equipment includes Harmonic Drive reducers, choose a HD grease that is specially focused on film strength to better protect gears.

Discover our full portfolio of services:

  • Shell LubeAdvisor – Improve your operations with on-site assistance from lubrication experts, and watch as unplanned downtime and unexpected breakdowns become a thing of the past.
  • Shell LubeAnalyst – Get inside the mind of your machines by using an oil condition monitoring service that continually assesses the health of your in-service oil.
  • Shell LubeOptimiser – From initial fill to filtration, dehydration to reclamation, Shell LubeOptimiser is an end-to-end solution that targets your most common maintenance issues.

Transforming Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 and Robotics

Watch as two Shell Lubricant Solutions experts dissect the robotics innovations that are transforming manufacturing, and explain how Shell products and services can help you take advantage of them.

Shell Gadus S4 Product Leaflet

Even your robotic arms sometimes need a helping hand. Learn how to use our next-generation grease technology to boost the performance of your industrial robot systems.

Download the Shell Gadus S4 product brochure

Shell Robotic Gear Oil S4 Product Leaflet

Discover how these high-performance synthetic lubricants can provide an oil-drain interval in excess of 24,000 hours of service, no matter your operating temperature.

Download the Shell Gear Oil S4 product brochure

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