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Better Lubrication Management Leads to Real-World Savings

With equipment performance under ever-increasing scrutiny in the metals industry, neglecting maintenance and not paying enough attention to what your oil is telling you, is an idea with zero upside.

Thankfully, Shell’s oil condition monitoring service - LubeAnalyst - takes care of this by cost-effectively investigating your lubricants, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

The Shell LubeAnalyst service includes:

  • A dedicated Mobile app that offers QR code scanning and printing - for fast, trackable and accurate oil sample registration.
  • Global access to third-party laboratories, providing unbiased analysis of any lubricant brand, including customised condemnation limits for your specific conditions.
  • Early failure mode detection that is tailored to your specific equipment, from oil cleanliness checks to contamination control.
  • Quick onsite oil analysis and troubleshooting with Shell LubeAnalyst Lite - for when you need to take immediate action.

Beyond the time and energy savings you get from being able to offload these core areas of lubrication management, you also benefit from improved equipment performance, and less downtime – all of which helps improve your margins.

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