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Driving Sustainability in the Metals Sector

Improving operational efficiencies can help your business become more sustainable.

Bearing down on emissions and costs

Switching the bearing grease in the electric motors throughout your steel mill could reduce your annual CO2 emissions by hundreds of tonnes and cut your electricity costs by tens of thousands of dollars. Read our report to discover the quick wins that can help your business bear down on emissions and costs.

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Illustration showing the important connection between production and sustainability

Traditionally, companies operating within the metals industry have focused on perfecting one simple equation: the highest volumes possible at the lowest production cost available. But pressure is mounting for the metals industry to reduce its carbon footprint and become more sustainable. As a result, metals businesses must consider how to achieve their sustainability goals and improve operational efficiencies without compromising the company’s bottom line.

Together, with our shared commitment to change and Shell’s technical expertise – we can achieve these goals to help your business create the metals of the future.

Innovations Shaping “Green Steel”

Discover the latest innovations that are helping to drive sustainability within the steel industry.

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Hear from the experts

How can the steel industry operate sustainability across the supply chain? Watch Clare Broadbent, Head of Sustainability at World Steel Association, to find out.

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