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Five Reasons to Invest in Equipment Maintenance

1. Ramping up production

If you are looking to increase production output, having an understanding and plan for what equipment you need to check, and how, will be crucial. With Shell LubeAdvisor you can book an appointment with a metals technical specialist to discuss any of your lubrication or machinery challenges. You can even get help through virtual equipment inspections with our ‘digital glasses’.

2. Adapting to change

During challenging times it’s essential to keep employees motivated and engaged through learning. Shell LubeCoach Academy can help educate talent within your business, by allowing your maintenance experts to develop their own lubricant knowledge and skillsets.

3. Extending the lifespan of your equipment

Remote monitoring of equipment and digitised analytics solutions have a huge role to play in protecting your equipment. This can help ensure your equipment investment continues delivering value to your business for longer, and is particularly important if you’re looking to increase performance and production output.

4. Protect – and enhance, your bottom line

Regardless of the disruption and conditions we face, doing more with less and maximising the production of your existing equipment will always be critically important for maintaining sustainable and successful operations. Shell LubeAdvisor can help you choose the right lubricant or grease for your specific needs. The result? Your equipment is protected and unnecessary downtime is prevented. Our comprehensive Lube Site Surveys can also be an essential part of any cost reduction program.

5. Cut your carbon footprint

The metals industry is under mounting pressure to reduce its overall carbon output, through less intensive water use and lower emissions, while fully embracing circular economies. We want to lead the world in cleaner energy solutions, and our competitive range of products and services are designed to help meet your energy and environmental needs.

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