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The world is changing

We are witnessing the impact of three key trends on the metals industry – all of which require urgent action from businesses who want to stay one step ahead.


Strides are being made in the arena of digitisation, with the upgrading of facilities and upskilling of workforces boosting productivity throughout the sector.

Cost pressures

Between external pressures and ageing assets, there is a growing demand to reduce downtime and avoid unnecessary costs, by more accurately predicting maintenance needs.


The industry is also under mounting pressure to reduce its carbon footprint, through less intensive water use and lower carbon emissions, while fully embracing circular economy.

Whether you are looking for enhanced equipment protection, improved energy efficiency, or support in reducing metals waste, Shell Lubricant Solutions has a dedicated offer for your business.

Hear from the experts

How can the metals sector improve operational efficiency and work to become more sustainable? Watch Greg Morris, Metals Sector Grease Product Application Specialist (Americas) at Shell to find out.

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