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Reducing Downtime in The Metals Sector

Learn how Shell Lubricant Solutions can reduce downtime through a proactive, preventative approach to machinery maintenance.

If you’ve got a problem with machinery breaking down… the odds are, we can help. Our technical experts work hand in hand with customers to identify and understand any issues - then help them move from dealing with downtime reactively, to a proactive, preventative approach to maintenance.

  • Shell’s LubeAnalyst service has helped one of the world’s largest steel companies, based in the US, deliver reported savings of $228,800 in associated costs for parts and labour.
    Read more about USA LubeAnalyst metals

  • We have helped a wire rod business in China save $1,081,000 every year through increased production, reduced maintenance costs, and by cutting oil and filter consumption.
    Read more about China Baotou Morlina

  • In Italy we helped a manufacturer save $140,000 by removing 30 hours of maintenance time annually, and halving grease consumption.
    Read more about Italy Danieli Gadus


Shaping a More Productive Future for Your Business

Shell can help unlock savings, boost performance and ensure your business is sustainable and viable long-term.

The Growth of Sustainability Stakeholders

As scrutiny increases, how can metals companies start reducing, or removing, carbon emissions from their processes?

The Key Elements of Equipment Maintenance

Ensure your maintenance programme covers all the bases.

Better Lubrication Management Leads to Real-World Savings

Oil condition monitoring is a cost-effective way to upgrade your fluid management, so you can focus on the rest of your business.


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