Metals industry equipment

Shaping a More Productive Future for Your Business

Introducing the Shell Lubricant Solutions technology, expertise and services offer for customers in metals.

Metals industry equipment


The metals industry is one of the most critically important and competitive industries in the world. It operates in extreme conditions, with sophisticated equipment and highly complex supply chains. Productivity, efficiency and modernisation efforts are more important now than ever before – delivering on these requires trusted partnerships with experts who genuinely understand your operations.

"Shell Lubricant Solutions provides the technology, expertise and services to enhance your equipment investment and output."

Whether you’re looking to maximise your older assets or protect state-of-the-art equipment still under warranty, we can help unlock savings, boost performance and ensure your business is sustainable and viable long-term.

Shell Lubricant Solutions provides the technology, expertise and services to enhance your equipment investment and output. Working together, we can shape a more productive future for your business – and for the wider industry.


The Growth of Sustainability Stakeholders

As scrutiny increases, how can metals companies start reducing, or removing, carbon emissions from their processes?

The Key Elements of Equipment Maintenance

Ensure your maintenance programme covers all the bases.

Better Lubrication Management Leads to Real-World Savings

Oil condition monitoring is a cost-effective way to upgrade your fluid management, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Reducing Downtime in The Metals Sector

Shell technical experts work hand in hand with customers to help implement a proactive maintenance approach.


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