Shell Mining Lube Expert working on Mining industry equipment  Supporting image 1: Shell Mining Lube Experts working on Mining industry equipment

Shell Supports Nevada Mining Industry with New Site, Global Expertise & Local Understanding

Close support & OEM knowledge helps save $55 million over five years, globally

Shell delivers millions of dollars of savings by putting together the new Lubricants Distribution Hub in Winnemucca, Nevada, to provide local, rapid reactive support to local mining companies.

Shell Mining Lube Expert working on Mining industry equipment  Supporting image 1: Shell Mining Lube Experts working on Mining industry equipment


Winnemucca in Nevada is the heart of mining country in the USA - the backyard of many of America’s mining companies. As is the case for the whole industry, Mining is a 24/7 operation where it can be difficult to forecast exactly what firms will need. Which is why having products and supplies that can be loaded up and delivered very quickly is so important. When a mine needs something, it is not just a bucketful, it is 5,000 gallons – and needed as soon as possible.


Shell working with Silver State Petroleum and a local mining customer, KGHM to help reduce downtime by putting together a hub distribution centre. The two-and-a-half-acre site has a warehouse of 75 hundred square feet and 10 bulk tanks offering 155,000 gallons of total bulk storage. The location of this facility and the global expertise Shell has to offer, has combined to deliver real value for customers. For example, the Shell Lube Advantage is a unique approach that packages products and services together based on what the customer's unique needs are.


Expanding the regional key mining customer offering, through the new Lubricants Distribution Hub in Winnemucca has helped Shell provide the local, rapid reactive support companies in the area need. Having people nearby that really understand the business, understand the equipment, know what to look for, helps customers find those small adjustments in their operations that can deliver valuable savings. This commitment and expertise has helped Shell save mining customers over $55 million through its products and services in just a five year period alone 1.

1 Global savings reported between 2011-2016

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