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OREN: Shell and IBM Create Innovation Software and Services Marketplace for Mining

The Oren marketplace connects mining industry leaders to the world’s most innovative problem solvers, to help accelerate digital and sustainability transformation.

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Shell and IBM have joined forces to create OREN, the first B2B marketplace for the mining and industrial sectors. OREN offers solutions, software, and services to accelerate digital and sustainability transformation. The marketplace connects industry leaders to the world’s most innovative problem solvers.

The mining industry has a similar value chain to the energy industry and shares many of the same challenges, such as how to manage operations in remote locations. OREN makes it easier for the services and digital solutions that have driven the transformation in the energy sector, to be transferred effectively to the mining industry.

OREN gives mining companies a one-stop-shop to find proven and cutting edge digital solutions from IBM, Shell, and third-party vendors, with software and services listed according to customer needs in areas including operations, sustainability, safety, production, and much more. It also offers a Digital Readiness Audit service, which helps you design a solutions roadmap according to your specific goals and requirements. This could be measuring and benchmarking current capabilities, assessing which use cases to prioritize for specific mining sites, developing a supplier selection criteria or creating a supplier shortlist, based on your priorities and current performance.

This platform aims to foster cross-industry collaboration, pioneer a new way forward.

OREN: Mining and Industrials B2B Marketplace

Oren offers solutions, software, services and integrated workflows to accelerate digital and sustainability transformation across the end-to-end value chain.

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