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The World’s Leading Lubricants Expert & Supplier for Mining

Summarising the key benefits of products and services that Shell Lubricant Solutions offers customers in Mining.

Mining companies have a lot to deal with, while trying to upgrade their equipment and evolve their organisations.

We are an end-to-end solutions provider that empowers your business to unearth new ways to move forwards. And do so in a way that maximizes profit and minimizes negative impact. We have long-standing relationships with leading mining equipment manufacturers, and through our services portfolio we have delivered $174 million in benefits to industrial customers 1.

As the world’s leading lubricants supplier globally 2 we have the technical expertise to work closely with you, and keep your excavators, miners, drills, and crushers working efficiently.

1 Based on reported customer savings from 2009 to 2018
2 Kline & Co. Global Lubricants: Market Analysis and Assessment (2019)

Key benefits of Mining products and services

Key benefits of Mining products and services

How customers have made millions of dollars of savings across the mining sector.

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Heavy duty engine oils

Heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to deliver outstanding wear protection, with reduced viscosity for improved fuel economy.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic fluids designed to help users improve the energy efficiency of their hydraulic systems without compromising the protection or maintenance.

Gear Oils

Designed to protect your grinding mills, open gears and industrial gearboxes operating under demanding high-load and extended-duty applications.

Lubricants for Mining

Increasing ODIs and reducing equipment downtime by upgrading lubrication.

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Lubricants for Mining

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For over 20 years our experts have supported mining companies around the world in identifying issues and solving problems to minimize down time and optimize productivity. LubeExperts offer onsite customer support, helping to resolve problems and optimize lubrication.


A network of on-site reliability service providers to help move your business ahead by addressing common challenges such as simplifying operations, reducing downtime, and protecting your equipment.


Give your equipment the support it requires. Shell Lube Advisors help you use the right Shell oil, at the right time, every time.