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Building Trusted Partnerships

Selecting the right product for a particular component and set of operational challenges is only one part of the key to unlocking potential Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings. It is also important to ensure that the correct amount of product reaches the right surfaces, at the right time and without being contaminated. That means adopting effective lubricant management practices.

Customer Collaboration

Working together, our technical teams can help to embed these practices in your organisation, and advise on the best products and technical services for your needs. They can also help if you have a lubrication issue, as they have the experience and expertise, backed by a global research and development team, to find a solution.

Creating Connections

We invest significant resources in developing new power-industry lubricant solutions. Our lubricant research and development teams in our Shanghai, China, Hamburg, Germany, and Houston, USA, technology centres collaborate with a network of experts such as:

  • Technical partnerships with equipment manufacturers to help ensure that our products are optimised for the latest equipment technologies
  • Field trials with customers to validate real-life product performance and to steer the development of future lubricant products
  • Research with academic institutions, such as the University of Manchester, UK, as part of a major European consortium, investigating transformer design and operation, and the influence of oil on ageing and reliability characteristics that could potentially help to revolutionise transformers’ lifespans.


Wind Power

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Stationary Engines

Your engines are exposed to increasingly demanding pressures. Our lubricants are formulated to combat the harshest of operating conditions. Find out more.

Transmission & Distribution

Modern transformers are facing increased loads and higher voltages. Do your lubricants provide the protection they need to perform?


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