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4 Ways Lubrication Can Boost Productivity and Profits

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Most stationary engine operators will be keenly aware of the link between productivity and profitability, since the assets they work with are expensive to fix and can be hugely damaging to the bottom line when forced offline.

Given this connection between maintenance and business success, it becomes increasingly clear that any decisions that can improve the former are likely to benefit the latter. Proper lubrication can therefore prove an effective means of pushing business forward due to its positive impact on equipment performance.

1. Wear Protection

Whether it’s ring belt cleanliness or cylinder liner protection, safeguarding your engine against the wear and contamination that modern operating conditions can cause, is one important way that lubrication can maintain equipment health and efficiency. Not only can this reduce the need for costly maintenance, but it helps to keep equipment working at peak productivity, and therefore, peak profitability.

2. Oil Life

Modern engines are designed by OEMs to produce an extremely high output. If a lubricant can match this intensity by providing an extended oil life, then operators have a much better chance of maintaining a reliable and efficient process. The longer the oil life, the better your maintenance staff can plan equipment schedules, and the more cost-effective the whole operation can become.

3. System Efficiency

With sustainability more important than ever, operators can contribute to their environmental targets – and avoid financial penalties – by ensuring their system is as efficient as it possibly can be. Targeting all areas of your system, from heat recovery boilers to intercoolers, a quality lubricant will help deliver the thermal and pressure stability that is needed for consistent and efficient performance.

4. Downtime

The combination of adequate protection, extended oil life and overall efficiency lessens the likelihood of unplanned downtime. However, we know that sometimes downtime is necessary. The right lubricant – alongside effective lubrication services – allows for machinery to be taken offline at your discretion, ensuring maintenance can be performed safely and cost-effectively when it most suits.

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