Natural gas engine

Powering Next-Generation Gas Engines

Powering Next-Generation Gas Engines

Global demand for power is greater than ever, driving an evolution in stationary gas engines. However, the more powerful the engine, the more extreme the operating conditions of the lubricating oil. Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra was designed to tackle the challenges of modern engine running environments.

As the latest and most advanced formulation within the Shell Mysella family of lubricants, it ultra-extends oil life and offers excellent deposit handling. This will help to ensure greater reliability, protect components, reduce downtime and lower total cost of ownership. Helping to generate the power we need to keep the lights on.

Helping to Generate Power to Keep the Lights On

Helping to Generate Power to Keep the Lights On

Find out how Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra ultra-extends oil life, protects components, reduces downtime and helps to boost the bottom line.

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Mysella S7 N Ultra: Designed for High-pressure Stationary Gas Engines

The specifications, benefits and performance features of the latest stationary gas engine oil in the Shell Mysella family.

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