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Creating a Better Working Environment for Your Engines

When it comes to stationary engines there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. To combat the nuances of a varied power engine sector, the Shell Lubricant Solutions offering is equally diverse:

  • Shell Mysella – Formulated for natural or sour gas, particularly in the latest generation of high-output engines.
  • Shell Argina – Designed for use in stationary engines with low SLOC and/or burning high-sulphur heavy fuel oil.
  • Shell Gadinia – Developed specifically for stationary engines that burn diesel or other distillate fuels.

And the support doesn’t stop there. Accompanying these high-quality lubricating oils are a range of lubrication services, helping you get the most from your oil and the best for your business.

Whether you need immediate technical advice, on-site expert support or regular equipment monitoring, we can help. Find out more at the links below.

Discover our product range

Shell Argina – Power Engine Oils

Providing better base number retention and less oil consumption, see why Shell Argina could be the perfect oil for your high-output and dual-fuel engines.

Shell Gadinia – Power Engine Oils

Choose Shell Gadinia for an engine oil that has been specially developed for diesel engines and is approved for a broad range of ancillary equipment.

Shell Mysella – Stationary Gas Engine Oils

With ultra-extended oil life and excellent deposit handling, find out how Shell Mysella is up to the challenge of even the most demanding of operating conditions.

Discover our services

Shell LubeAnalyst

Provide your equipment with the regular health check it needs to maintain peak performance over its entire lifetime.

Shell LubeAdvisor

Sometimes a task is beyond the means of your in-house maintenance team. Extend your capabilities with our on-site technical advisers.

Shell LubeCoach

Online or in-person training on lubrication and maintenance practices, delivered by Shell technical experts with substantial in-field experience.


Expert Support

Discover how expert support can help you get more from your engines, with oil condition monitoring.

Powering Next-Generation Gas Engines

An evolution in stationary gas engines is underway. See how Shell Mysella engine oils can help unlock your equipment’s potential.

Why Protection Matters

Modern engine designs are more powerful, but also more vulnerable to wear. Protect your engines and you’ll protect your profits.

4 Ways Lubrication Can Boost Productivity and Profits

It’s a simple equation: greater productivity equals greater profits. Learn how to add effective lubrication into the mix.


Shell Lubricants Services

Explore the insights, innovation and collaboration that have helped inform our suite of lubricant services, and see how they can help move your business forward.

Shell Lubricant Applications

Explore the range of Shell Lubricant products that help maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.

Lubricants for Power

Providing solutions for an evolving energy environment.