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Why Equipment Protection Matters

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Make Sure Your Equipment Runs Without Compromise

To meet growing energy demand worldwide, engine manufacturers are increasingly pushing the boundaries when it comes to engine design. In response, lubricating oils must be equipped to protect these engines from the increased stresses that higher levels of output entail, aiding efficiency and protecting business performance in the process.

Enhancing Engine Protection

Exposing engines oils to greater pressures or higher temperatures risks rapid base number (BN) depletion and viscosity increase, both of which can reduce the level of protection that the oil is able to provide. And with modern engines often allowing for less oil to circulate in their system, it needs to be able to offer more with less. Therefore, an engine oil needs the right characteristics – like greater BN retention and viscosity control – to better handle the pressures of these demanding conditions.

Improving Operational Efficiency

With better protection comes greater efficiency. Vital to consistently meeting business targets, improving engine efficiency can have a host of benefits for your operations, including:

  • More reliable equipment and less likelihood of breakdown
  • An improved environmental performance and lower emissions output
  • Greater competitiveness due to a more profitable operation

Reducing Operating Costs

Ensuring adequate protection and efficiency are achieved goes a long way to safeguarding the financial side of your operations. A more reliable engine requires less in the way of ongoing maintenance, therefore reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). And when paired with an effective oil condition monitoring programme, like Shell LubeAnalyst, predictive maintenance can help avoid unforeseen costs, giving you back control of your business, both operationally and financially.

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