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Futureproofing the Industry

How Industry Trends Are Affecting Lubrication and Maintenance

As global demand for power continues to rise, power operators must be prepared to adapt and react, to ensure reliable and efficient power is maintained as the needs of societies continue to evolve.

Supply and Demand

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Changing behaviours within society – the growth of remote work, the rise or fall of urbanisation, an uptake in electric vehicles (EV) – will continue to affect the way electricity must be generated, stored and used. Continued population growth means that these changes will be met with a growing demand for more power globally. All of which serves to highlight the need for proper lubrication to ensure equipment can adapt to new supply and demand realities.

Grid Changes

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As supply and demand changes, so do the pressures and requirements of the grid. As power becomes more localised in many markets, there is a growing move towards the decentralisation of the grid in order to place the site of power generation closer to that of consumption. In response, smart and micro-grids are becoming more common, meaning equipment operators are more reliant on the data and insights provided by oil condition monitoring services in order to optimise equipment for the job at hand.


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Entangled among these operational challenges is the equally significant issue of decarbonisation, led by the rise of renewables across the sector. While governments and investors alike are pushing for a quicker transition towards cleaner energy solutions, operators must also be aware of the potential benefits – environmental, financial, and operational – that biodegradable and carbon neutral lubricants can provide.


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