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Powering Peak Performance

The Business Impact of Equipment Maintenance

Lubrication isn’t just a necessary requirement for your equipment to work. It can also be a difference-maker when it comes to key operational markers like reliability and energy efficiency.

Ultimately, your equipment’s performance is dictated by the health and condition of its internal components. Components that can only be maintained and protected by proper lubrication and the maintenance practices that surround it.

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Why lubrication is a business decision

Considering lubrication as a maintenance issue may be a natural train of thought, but it can often be more effective to frame your lubricant choice as a business decision. Though lubrication often only accounts for a small percentage of a business’ maintenance budget, its impact on your bottom line – by way of preventing downtime and maintaining productivity – is clear and considerable.

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Are you prioritising equipment health?

Furthermore, with equipment replacement often extremely costly in the power industry, there is a huge incentive for businesses to maximise the lifespan of existing machinery.

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How an external partner can help

Taking a reactive approach to equipment maintenance runs the risk of causing unnecessary downtime and incurring unexpected costs. The right partner however – whether an OEM, lubricant supplier or independent maintenance expert – can play a vital role in guiding you towards a more predictive, and ultimately more effective, maintenance strategy.


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