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Realising Potential

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Balancing Impact and Output

As society shifts towards more and cleaner power solutions, the generation, transmission and consumption of electricity is changing dramatically. These changes – while often beneficial for the end user – raise some specific challenges for power operators, particularly when it comes to electrical transformers.

Two noticeable changes are an increased need for power and a rising number of transformers located in environmentally sensitive areas or amidst operationally challenging conditions. While on their own each of these would post significant issues for equipment, together, they demand maintenance solutions that can combine traditional performance with a reduced environmental impact.

Meeting the Needs of Increased Power Demands

An uptick in renewable energy – solar and offshore wind farms, for example – has led to an increase in the number of power generation sites away from where that power is consumed. The long-distance electricity supply that this requires means higher voltages are often needed to ensure efficient transmission.

The modern grid can create stresses for ageing infrastructure – including transformers initially designed for much lower loads and operating temperatures.

To combat this, today’s transformer oils must have:

  • High dielectric strength
  • Efficient cooling properties
  • Enhanced oxidation resistance

Ensuring Environmental Impact Is Kept to A Minimum

But performance alone is often not enough for today’s transformers. Modern equipment is frequently found in environmentally sensitive areas, whether that’s an arctic climate or a protected, woodland area.

These conditions come with their own challenges for equipment, maintenance and transformer oil. Part of wider sustainability considerations – such as cradle-to-grave emissions offsetting and recyclability – next-generation transformer oils must therefore be equipped to offer:

  • Suitability for use in environmentally sensitive locations by being readily biodegradable
  • A low pour point, good flow properties and excellent cold temperature performance
  • Compatibility with standard mineral oils, for ease of retrofitting and widespread use
Protecting Environmentally Sensitive Locations

Protecting Environmentally Sensitive Locations

From offshore wind farms to desert solar sites, Shell Diala S5 BD can handle environmentally sensitive locations of any extreme.

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