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Modern Solutions for Your Rotating Equipment

Tasked with driving reliable, consistent and efficient power generation, turbines require a range of protective measures to ensure they don’t succumb to unplanned downtime.

This includes:

  • Protection against wear and corrosion of key system components
  • Cooling of rotating parts to prevent oil degradation and deposit formation
  • Avoidance of metal-on-metal contact and valve sticking.

Helping combat these varied pressures is your turbine oil.

At Shell Lubricant Solutions, we design turbine oils that help keep your equipment in motion, by delivering enhanced protection, long oil life and high system efficiency under continuous operating conditions.

Alongside the products are our expert services. Whether it’s choosing the right oil grade, or supporting with ongoing monitoring to stop potential problems in their tracks, we can help you get the most from your equipment.


Products & Services

Don’t let unplanned downtime set back your operations. Discover a portfolio of solutions designed to keep your turbines turning.

Meeting Energy Demand

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Component Care

Protecting your turbine’s components from wear and contamination is a full-time job. Learn to share the load with our high-quality turbine oils.

Optimising Your Turbines

For every minute your turbine isn’t performing at its peak, you risk losing money. Maximise your output with these turbine maintenance tips.


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