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The Pivotal Role of Turbine Oil

Regardless of whether your turbine is powered by gas or steam, it relies on lubrication to reach its full potential. Lubrication that has been robustly tested and can be trusted to help deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective operations throughout the entire lifetime of your turbine.

The Shell Turbo range of oils has been formulated with the varied needs of power companies and process plant operators in mind, providing:

  • System protection – from corrosion, deposit build-up and lacquer
  • Longer oil life – to help minimise costly downtime
  • Operating efficiency – through rapid air release and excellent filterability

Explore the benefits of Shell Turbo and learn how our range of lubrication services are best positioned to help your equipment perform without compromise.

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Shell Turbo – Turbine Oils

Whether you need a turbine oil for light or heavy duty, gas- or steam-powered turbines, find the right one in our specialised range.

Shell Varnish Removal Fluid

Reduce maintenance downtime with a fluid that has high varnish dissolution capacity enabling the oil cleaning device to remove the varnish effectively.

Oil Condition Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of your oil analysis with an oil condition monitoring service that can be tailored to your needs.

Training Programme

Online or in-person training on lubrication and maintenance practices, delivered by Shell technical experts with substantial in-field experience.

Technical Advisors

From the office to the field, add real value to your business by engaging the support of our maintenance experts.

On-site Reliability Service Providers

Improve your lubrication performance and avoid unseen disruptions with expert on-site support for your common oil and grease challenges.

Shell Turbo Product Range

Turbines are highly specialised pieces of equipment, meaning turbine oil must be chosen based on specific characteristics. Explore the full Shell Turbo portfolio.

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Meeting Energy Demand

Watch our experts identify the potential issues your gas turbine faces and how to overcome them through strategic maintenance decisions.

Component Care

Protecting your turbine’s components from wear and contamination is a full-time job. Learn to share the load with our high-quality turbine oils.

A Collaborative Approach

See how Shell Lubricant Solutions are helping businesses across the globe improve their maintenance practices, with high-performance turbine oils and supporting services.

Optimising Your Turbines

For every minute your turbine isn’t performing at its peak, you risk losing money. Maximise your output with these turbine maintenance tips.


Shell Lubricants Services

Explore the insights, innovation and collaboration that have helped inform our suite of lubricant services, and see how they can help move your business forward.

Shell Lubricant Applications

Explore the range of Shell Lubricant products that help maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.

Lubricants for Power

Providing solutions for an evolving energy environment.