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Taking Wind Turbine Maintenance to New Heights

As renewables become a more integral part of the energy mix, reliable wind power has never been more important. But building, running and maintaining wind turbines can be an expensive business, made no easier by the remote locations and extreme conditions that operators regularly face.

And with the need for more and cleaner solutions worldwide, these challenges are set against a highly competitive backdrop, as a growing number of industry players continue to stake their claim in the wind arena. As a result, there’s little room for error.

With both on- and off-shore wind operations in Europe and North America, Shell sees great potential in this renewable power source, but is well aware of the challenges.

Wind power operations must be highly efficient to remain cost-effective, placing huge significance on maintenance choices and the results they bring.

With strong industry connections and a wealth of sector experience, Shell Lubricant Solutions can help guide your maintenance strategy, through high-quality lubrication and best practice maintenance advice.

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