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Faced with challenging conditions, wind farm owners are under pressure to ensure the machinery at the heart of their operations delivers reliable and efficient performance.

Ensuring the components at the heart of wind turbines, particularly the gearbox, are properly maintained is essential to maintain reliable power output. Effective lubrication is a crucial part of this.

Selecting the right lubricants and implementing the right maintenance processes can help ensure these vital equipment components are protected from wear and corrosion that could lead to unforeseen downtime.

At Shell Lubricant Solutions, we provide a range of lubricants and services that can help to meet these needs and unlock the full potential of your wind operations.

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Shell Omala

The main gearbox is central to a wind turbine’s performance. Discover how Shell gear oils can protect the main gearbox in addition to yaw and pitch gearboxes.

Shell Mysella - Stationary Gas Engine Oils

Shell’s portfolio of stationary gas engine oils enables you to choose the right lubricant for your equipment to deliver optimum value.

Shell Tellus

From brake controls to rotation settings, hydraulic systems help regulate a wind turbine’s movement. Shell Tellus can help improve your hydraulic system efficiency.

Shell Gadus

Protect your blade bearings, main bearing, and open gear systems with our specially designed, high-performing wind turbine greases.

Shell Diala

Help protect your equipment and ensure efficient operation throughout its lifetime, with advanced transformer oils.

Shell Coolants

Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant Nitrite Free is a premium extended life antifreeze that provides improved protection of aluminum components.

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Shell LubeAnalyst

Don’t risk unnecessary downtime by overlooking your gear oil. Discover our oil condition monitoring service that provides insights to improve maintenance practices.

Shell LubeAdvisor

The right lubrication expertise can prevent your maintenance strategy from being blown off course. Tap into decades of experience with our global maintenance experts.

Shell LubeCoach

Online or in-person training on lubrication and maintenance practices, delivered by Shell technical experts with substantial in-field experience.

Wind Lubricants Portfolio Infographic

There’s a lot going on inside your wind turbine. Explore how Shell’s complete portfolio meets the needs of every component.

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