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Shell Lube Coach

Optimizing the application of lubrication in your operations have never been more important. You and your staff may need the right training, and you can now do this virtually with Shell.

Oil Analysis

LubeAnalyst uses an oil condition monitoring programme to give your machinery a regular health checkup.

Virtual Assistant

LubeChat offers instant access to technical advice through your smartphone, laptop or desktop.

Technical Advisors

LubeAdvisors provide technical expertise across the globe, on-site, online and over the phone

Lubricant Management Program

An End to end lubricant management program, which lets you focus on your core business while reducing cost and optimizing operations.

Onsite Support

LubeExperts offer onsite customer support, helping to resolve problems and optimize lubrication.

Oil Selector

LubeMatch is an online tool that matches the right oil to your vehicle or machinery.

Training Programme

LubeCoach provides training in early warning recognition and effective lubricant usage, delivered by technical experts.

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Sector Expertise

Discover Shell’s expertise in providing our customers the right products and the right advice across various sectors.

Our Experts

Keep your equipment running smoothly with technical advice, smart new applications and insightful lubricant analysis

Total Cost of Ownership

Achieve better business results and increase your equipment’s value through lowering Total Cost of Ownership using the highest quality lubricants and expert solutions.