Designed to help optimise operations today for a stronger outlook tomorrow

MachineMax is a digital equipment management platform for off-highway fleets. Using any available existing data source or smart sensors when required, together with next-generation analytics, it helps companies maximise the utilisation and profitability of their off-highway vehicles.

Designed to help optimise operations today for a stronger outlook tomorrow, MachineMax enables equipment operators to track an entire fleet of owned, rented, and contracted machinery – regardless of OEM, model, ownership or location.

Data is collected from vehicles and communicated real-time to operators, to help:

  • Increase site productivity by optimising the size and composition of the fleet and removing bottlenecks.
  • Reduce costs and engine emissions by increasing utilisation of machines and reducing engine idle times.
  • Proactively manage repair and maintenance by automating the optimisation of servicing schedules.

In this way, MachineMax delivers:

  • Increased profitability, by improving productivity and utilisation of equipment and staff.
  • Reduced environmental impact, by lowering emissions and minimising idling times.

MachineMax offers one platform to manage all your heavy equipment

  • One dashboard that integrates all existing telematics data (e.g. from existing OEM telemetry systems).

  • Accessible on mobile device, PC or integrated into your existing dashboards.

  • Quick and easy installation (less than a minute) of non-invasive, wireless sensor for machinery with no telematics.

  • Easily track all rented machinery as soon as they arrive on site.

  • Own all data collected.

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