Oren connects industry leaders with the world’s most innovative solutions from trusted companies and solution providers.

Designed to help mining companies address their significant pain points, Oren provides a Digital Development Workshop that identifies a company’s key challenges and priorities for investing in digital solutions, then offers insights and digital solutions.


Industrial customers report difficulty in aggregating data to make actionable insights.

Source: Shell study

$190 billion

Potential benefit for the mining sector and $130 billion for the metals sector through digitalisation.

Source: World Economic Forum (2017)

610 million tonnes of CO2

Potential reduction in emissions resulting from digitisation of mining and metals industry.

Source: World Economic Forum (2017)

Key Benefits of Oren

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    Proven solutions

    Field-proven solutions and easy access to software, services, and digital solutions from the world’s most innovative companies.

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    Efficient processes

    Oren quickly connects forward-thinking customers with solution providers and industrial technology leaders.

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    Going digital

    Oren can help embed intelligent workflows to improve process automation. This can help companies predict and prevent machine failure, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and meet sustainability goals.

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    Partnership creation

    Oren marketplace forges new industry co-selling and ecosystem partnerships and the ability to co-create next-gen solutions.

Solutions for industry leaders

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Find right solutions faster

Digital solution listings from IBM, Shell, and third-party vendors. Find cutting-edge technology, plus established and reliable solutions in one place. Oren listed solutions address customer needs in operations, sustainability, safety, production, and beyond.

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Seamless quotes and procurement of digital solutions

Access a global supply of solutions that have been pre-qualified and vetted to ensure seamless procurement and sourcing of digital products and services.

Digital Development Workshop Service

This service offers mining companies a tailored expert appraisal of the digital transformation opportunities for their business. The service helps identify a company’s key challenges and its priorities for investing in digital solutions, then matches these priorities with the best solution providers in the mining industry.

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Digital Maturity Assessment

Your digital transformation begins with an assessment of where your business currently stands.

Try our two-step, 5 mins self-assessment tool to get: a benchmark of your digital maturity score; number of field proven solutions that can help address your pain points; and expert advice from an OREN mining expert to discuss the Top 3 recommendations for identified issues.

Supporting solutions providers

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Data-driven understanding of customer needs 

Sellers will gain insights into what resonates with platform users, to help drive product improvement and innovation. They can also view data and analytics about interested companies and have visibility of a buyer pipeline for solutions.

Coming soon.

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Show your solution to industry leaders

Interact with customers and transact faster, by creating a comprehensive and detailed solutions page. Expand your reach to global markets and achieve efficiencies in the quote-to-order process.

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