Insights and innovations from around the globe

Shell lube experts have a wealth of mining and engineering expertise gained from decades of working with the leading mining companies in the world. This allows us to leverage the insights and knowledge to find the best solution to fit your unique business needs.

Shell LubeExpert benefits at a glance

  • Site surveys have identified up to 30% savings on total maintenance budget related to lubricants.¹

  • From 2011 to 2016, mining customers reported value of more than us$55 million related to our products and services.²

  • Long-standing relationships with 11 of the top 12 mining companies.

  • In 20+ years of operation, our lube experts have never had a lost-time incident.

  1. Potential impact calculated based on Shell Lubricants site surveys with mining customers. 
  2. Based on savings delivered to Shell Lubricants mining customers from 2011 to 2016.

Maximize the impact of lubricants

Leveraging a comprehensive toolkit of services, our experts help you anticipate and avoid issues. We work together with your team to inspect, audit and optimise equipment, systems and processes according to the highest industry standards while leveraging the latest and most innovative technology available.

Dedicated to meet your needs

Shell LubeExperts

  • Integrate with your maintenance teams
  • Work on machines and mills
  • Bring mining and engineering expertise
  • Provide insight and innovative technology from around the world
  • Inspect using strobe-o-scope, thermal imaging and vibration analysis
  • Audit lubrication systems and injectors
  • Perform injector spectrum sleeve fitment
  • Optimise grease onto fixed and mobile equipment

Committed to the long-term

Our commitment doesn’t end with solving your challenges today, we’re dedicated to assisting your operations become more sustainable for the long-term. We launched the service over twenty years ago and still work with our first customer. At the same time, we’ve developed long-standing relationships with 10 of the top 12 mining companies around the world.

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