Shell Remote Sense real-time oil analysis service can be deployed to heavy duty engines that run a variety of fuels – diesel, heavy fuel oil, landfill gas, natural gas.

Shell Remote Sense complements existing condition-monitoring techniques such as vibration analysis, pressure-time (P-T) curves, and lab-based oil analysis.

Shell Remote Sense

  • Tracks key metrics like TBN, TAN and oxidation, and creates real-time alerts when limits are reached.
  • Can detect fuel dilution and water contamination, allowing you to take corrective action before damage occurs.
  • Can work with any brand of engine, and any brand of oil, regardless of manufacturer.
Shell Remote Sense dashboard
Some of the insights that Shell Remote Sense delivers

Shell Remote Sense can be installed on engines, regardless of whether an existing telematics system is used. For installation guides, please email us.

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Shell Remote Sense for landfill engines

Learn how Shell Remote Sense can help solve challenges seen in engines at landfills, such as high silicon contamination.

Shell Remote Sense Overview

Visit the homepage to get an overview of the Shell Remote Sense online oil monitoring service.

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