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Oil Selector

Our Oil Selector helps you find the right oil for your machine or vehicle. It covers over 140,000 equipment manufacturers’ makes and models, and provides access to technical and safety data sheets to guide lubricant use.

Product Catalogue

Discover how using the right lubricant can bring substantial savings by maximising equipment efficiency, prolonging vehicle life, and significantly reducing downtime.

Technical Training

Our team of experts offers training and workshops to share best-practice lubrication procedures with your staff, ensuring you get outstanding results from your equipment. Get access to our training video library now.

Oil Analysis

Our Oil Analysis service and global team of sector-specialists, gives you access to our technical experts, individual consulting, troubleshooting, and research into your operation to maintain your competitive edge.


Ask our virtual assistant for technical advice about oils and greases.

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Sector Expertise

Discover Shell’s expertise in providing our customers the right products and the right advice across various sectors.

Industry Insights

Find out how lubricants can affect you and your maintenance costs, and what else you should think about, including getting the right partners involved.

Our Experts

Keep your equipment running smoothly with technical advice, smart new applications and insightful lubricant analysis