Your fleet’s one-stop telematics solution

Shell Telematics gives you all the insight you need to help get the best out of your fleet. By combining Shell Card and vehicle data, our end-to-end solution makes it simple to do everything from spotting card fraud through to tracking delivery progress and monitoring driver behaviour.

You can choose the package of features that will work best for your business and it’s all managed through a user-friendly portal and app. Whatever the size or type of your fleet, Shell Telematics is an easy, cost-effective way to make better-informed decisions to help bring down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as be complaint with AIS 140 mandate.

Compliance with AIS 140 mandate

The Government of India has directed all state governments to enforce the standard of AIS 140 compliant GPS vehicle tracking devices with the supporting software for all passenger carrying buses and other public transport vehicles. The Ministry of Road Transport and highways (MoRTH) stated that the installation of AIS 140 certified vehicle tracking system along with the emergency button should be mandatory in all new public/passenger and commercial vehicles with a national permit.

Shell Telematics devices are AIS 140 compliant with ARAI/ICAT certification.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Control Fuel expenses

  • Detect potential fuel theft
  • View accurate and real-time information of fuel level
  • View automatic mileage reporting
  • Identify areas to improve mileage
  • Integrate with fuel card to detect fuel fraud
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Passenger, driver and vehicle safety

  • Receive alerts for route deviation, unauthorized stops, geofence exit, over-speeding, harsh driving etc
  • Panic button integration
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Manage driving behaviour

  • View Driver scorecard to rank drivers based on driving behaviour
  • Receive Insights on driving behaviour to improve fuel efficiency and safety, and provide performance linked rewards
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Reduce operational work

Receive alerts for timely service of vehicles and renewal of insurance, permit, tax payment etc

Features at a glance

  • Fuel Fraud Detection

    Accurate and real-time information of fuel level and integration with fuel card helps to detect any fraudulent activities

  • Live map

    Track live location and movement of all vehicles with satellite map view, Google Street View and live traffic information.

  • Journey history

    Review all journeys made with date, time, start and finish locations, drive time and distance travelled.

  • Driver management

    Rate each driver‘s driving behaviour score based on the length and severity of the speeding, acceleration, idling time and braking events.

  • Vehicle performance

    Get timely maintenance reminders and fuel-efficiency reports.

  • Geofence

    Set up geo-fencing to get alerts based on needs – e.g. alerts when vehicle leaves city limits.

  • Online Portal

    Our easy-to-use portal gives you 24/7 access to your data so you have complete visibility of your fleet’s real-time and historical activity.

  • App

    Our app provides access to Live Map and journey history data. Available for both Android and iOS.

  • Device management

    Edit information stored against device including driver names, contact details, vehicle information and linked fuel cards.

Choose the package that works for you

With our bundle options, you can pick the level of data that works best for your business and your budget – and Shell Card monitoring is always available.

  • Fleet Tracker Bundle

    • Track and trace vehicle location
    • Driver behavior updates
    • Vehicle service reminders
  • Fuel Bundle

    • Fleet Tracker bundle + Real time accurate fuel monitoring
  • Safety Bundle

    • Fleet tracker bundle + Panic button integration and alerts
  • Comprehensive Bundle

    • Fuel bundle + Safety bundle



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