Hi, I’m Doorva Shukla, a Senior Manager in the Upstream Deepwater Revenue Accounting Team. I’m a chartered accountant who has spent much of my career in investment banking. Since joining Shell, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of being involved in a new industry, and I love that I’m part of a company that puts an emphasis on diversity and community spirit.

I think that hiring people from all over the world is a huge benefit to Shell, and it’s definitely something I support. It broadens your perspectives and enhances your environment. I always go out of my way to make recent recruits feel comfortable, because I understand what it’s like to be new. It’s important that we make the office a home away from home.

Because we are such a progressive company, there’s a lot of reliance on technology. But one of the things I want to ensure is that we retain the human touch. We all need to be able to express ourselves and connect with people. Technology has the potential to overpower us, so we have to make an effort to connect and interact. These sorts of bonds are key to fulfilling organisational goals.

In the above picture, you can see me at a Shell away day event (left). This is where employees get updated on how the business is performing, what we can do better, what we’re doing well, and what is expected of us in the upcoming year.

It’s also a time for fun activities and challenges. I hosted this event, and it went really well. My focus was on getting people to connect and collaborate to solve problems, and everyone got involved. I’m a very social person, and if I can ever see an opportunity for team-building fun, I take it!

In the picture on the right, I’m just about to go and host an event for Shell in front of 10,000 people. At the time I’d only been with the company for 10 days, so it was quite nerve-wracking! But I love organising events and pushing myself, so everything went well, and I still feel very proud of what I managed to achieve.

My parents were there with me, and it was a great feeling to start working for a company that is one of the world leaders in the oil and gas industry. I love new experiences, and this memory makes me particularly happy.

I feel lucky to live in India because it is a country with a unique blend of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds living together.

I’m incredibly passionate about art, and have been ever since I was a child. What I create can be quite abstract, but I like producing work that people can interpret in their own way. I’m incredibly fond of using colour, as you can see in the image above. I think art is not only a tremendous creative outlet, but it also helps me to focus and relax.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are of the individuals featured and are not representative of the views of the Shell group of companies and their affiliates.

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