Project Re-energize

With the aim to embrace gender diversity in Shell Business Operations Chennai, we created a program, Project Re-energize, to support women who have been on a career break, due to various reasons, and who aim to start a remarkable career with Shell. We continue to see great potential in women who have the ability to balance both the demands of personal and professional roles.

With this, Project Re-energize, looks to provide you the opportunity to restart your professional career, with mentoring, flexibility and encouragement to support your goal to succeed. In this page, you will find several testimonials of our employees who have successfully re-energized their career, with Shell, as well as those who have been part of the Shell journey ever since. You may also browse through the roles available below for you to restart your professional career. 

Nitin Prasad, Country Chair, Shell India

“India’s unique fabric of cultural and familial values may sometimes put our women in positions where it becomes more difficult for them to continue or join back work - especially after breaks arising out of life changing events.

We want to be an organization that understands these challenges, values our women workforces’ personal commitments and allows them to contribute & grow alongside Shell.

Through Project ‘Re-Energize’, the intent is to give each successful female applicant the opportunity to custom define her career path, supported by elements of training and mentorship to help her better deliver in her role.

Thus, instead of a ‘family OR work’ conversation, it becomes a ‘family AND work’ choice. I feel strongly for such initiatives and am personally committed to providing a caring, nurturing and empowering work-environment to Shell India’s women employees."

Nitin Prasad
Country Chair
Shell India



Shell awarded among best companies for women in India

Shell awarded among best companies for women in India

Shell India has been named among the top ten best companies for Women in 2017.

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