Rohini's picture during her break

I am Rohini, a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant in Colorado, with more than eight years’ experience. Not long ago, after my son’s birth, I chose to take a few years’ sabbatical. When I returned to the corporate environment, I realised that the dynamics of the job market were very different after you’ve taken a break. 

I came back to the world of work on a part-time basis, to balance my work time and personal requirements. Eventually, however, I started looking for a suitable full-time opportunity.

In the few interviews I attended, I felt that more time was spent explaining why I took a break, rather than explaining my technical competencies.

When I got a call from Shell, I expected the same. But, to my surprise, the invitation I received was to be part of an interactive session with some of the senior leaders of Shell Business Operations and Shell Women in Chennai network (SWiCH) members.

They showcased how Shell is a great place to work. Their experiences made me realise that Shell is one of the few companies that values and lives a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Rohini's picture with her Shell friends

As such, when HR shortlisted my CV, I hoped to be able to restart my career with Shell.

Well, we’re a few months down the line, and I am now a Business Analyst in Global Commercial (within Reporting and Analysis). It’s a career that I can build, while at the same time getting that balance to be able to focus on my family’s needs.

I like Shell because my team has given me the same opportunities and responsibilities right from day one. I was also given the support I needed to quickly catch up and understand the business.

They say the first step is always the hardest. For me, I am happy that Shell took that step and reached out, enabling me to walk forward.


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