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For Shell, diversity and inclusion are a part of its core value and one of the founding premises of the company’s global theme, ‘Balance means Business’. The concept is built on the foundation that better gender balance leads to greater business performance.

Currently, Shell India has over 12 percent women in leadership positions and still boasts of a young professional community with an average age of 29 years. More importantly, in a predominantly male industry, Shell has strived to incorporate 23 percent women in the overall workforce. Shell’s service stations alone boast 20 percent female professionals.

The company’s progressive and woman-friendly human resource policies have ensured that the overall attrition of female members tank by 31 percent compared to last year. Targeted leadership programs for women in the middle and senior levels have been designed specifically to counter gender-specific leadership challenges. Shell has also engaged men in accelerating gender balance via targeted engagements through mediums like inclusive leadership theatre workshops, storytelling sessions, etc. additionally, the diversity and inclusion efforts instill an overall supportive culture which paves the way for career enhancement.

Commending the efforts of Shell India, Mr. Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Companies in India said, "Shell is proud of our efforts in making our company a great place to work for women and are grateful for the recognition. We understand the need to collaboratively learn and share best practices to deliver the shared vision we have, as a community. We truly admire and respect the many roles women play, both personally and professionally. Irrespective of gender, culture and sexual orientation, we have worked hard to create an environment that allows everyone to thrive in. It is not a 'nice to do' or 'checkbox exercise' for us, it is a way of life and we are committed to the journey while welcoming any help we can get.”

Ms. Mansi Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants, India, said, “On behalf of Shell, it is with great pride and humility that we accept this award, acknowledging the work done by our leadership to ensure that we have a culture of equal opportunities to learn and grow. It is a recognition of our women network working relentlessly to enable best practices across the board, all leaders who are investing time to nurture women talent and every Shell employee committed to diversity and inclusion. We want to thank Avtar and Working Mother Media for the partnership and Shell remains committed to this journey keeping it at the core of its DNA. At Shell, balance means business and we aspire to bring that in every form of D&I initiative that we embark upon.”

For Shell, India has proven to be an epicenter of innovation and delivery over the last decade. To support its expansion plans, promoting gender diversity and fostering inclusive leadership and building a culture that invests in future leaders are essential imperatives that will be intricately linked to its greater business performance.

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