Harnessing data science for a net-zero future.

At Shell, our data science team plays a pivotal role in fast-tracking our transition to net-zero emissions and preparing us for future energy solutions. Data Science at Shell involves not just technologies, algorithms, machine learning, programming languages, software, and database management, but also identifying problems to solve and transforms businesses and processes. Our team uses AI to derive real value from diverse data sources like blockchain, IoT devices, drones and petabytes of videos from land and marine surveys.

Organisations and teams capable of harnessing real-time data and delivering solutions that drive business value and accelerate energy transition will make a tangible impact in the field.

Data-driven Commercial Decisions

Stock Market Data

Commercial Data Science activities in Finance involve the application of data science techniques to generate valuable commercial insights for the business. Data scientists play a critical role in developing analytics models using specialised tools to address business problems and provide marketing analytics solutions. They are responsible for identifying appropriate models, evaluating their validity from scientific and business perspectives, and supporting the data science lead and digital product owners in project design and execution. Collaboration with stakeholders and subject matter experts is integral to their role, as they work closely with teams such as marketing and sales to ensure the models meet business needs. The commercial data scientists contribute to the development and implementation of effective data-driven strategies and decision-making processes, leveraging their expertise in data science and analytics to drive business success.

Data Science in Digitalisation

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Shell's approach to digitalisation goes beyond technology, encompassing people and agile ways of working. The concept of "citizen data scientists" is embraced, recognising the potential of employees from diverse backgrounds, such as petroleum engineers or process engineers, who possess strengths in mathematics and science. Shell provides platforms, training, and a protected interface to enable these citizen data scientists to leverage AI and data science for developing tailor-made process solutions, including DIY (do-it-yourself) local no-code or low-code applications. This approach has gained momentum with over 500 live applications, empowering end-users to create software applications through simple drag and drop actions, without the need for writing complex code.

Furthermore, Shell has fostered a culture conducive to data science projects, with a robust network of over 7000 members in the Shell.ai network. This network aims to share knowledge and bridge the gap for end-users in understanding the value of data science and digital technology for their business.

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Get involved in key projects.

As part of our data science teams, you will have the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of innovation, leveraging the latest digital technologies and trends at scale. From creating Digital Twins and Process Digital Twins to improve performance and reduce costs, to developing AI solutions for scheduling and managing the company's finance SoX controls and utilising AI for predictive maintenance to identify and address potential failures before they impact the company, you will be involved in pioneering projects that drive real impact to the energy transition.

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Partner with specialists from diverse disciplines.

Collaboration has always been at the heart of Shell’s approach to achieving our sustainability goals. As part of the Data Science team, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded business functions, technology, and R&D teams that fosters a culture of teamwork and innovation. You also get the opportunity to closely collaborate with Shell’s Global Scientific Community, researchers, and engineers who contribute towards efforts to protect and preserve nature. In addition, you will have the chance to work with individuals who share a common purpose and are passionate about making a positive impact at scale.

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Enhance your wide-ranging skill sets.

Shell is actively committed in creating meaningful career opportunities for data scientists, and keenly promotes learning through various programmes such as Nanodegree, Shell E4, hackathons, and boot camps. Shell's dynamic business needs, shaped by the evolving energy transition, offer diverse opportunities for employees worldwide. Joining the data science team that’s aligned with Finance operations can lead to progression from data analyst or associate data scientist to data scientist, with options to specialise as a senior data scientist or move into managerial roles like data scientist team lead or data science manager. Additionally, there are also potential opportunities in AI engineering within the Information & Digital Technology space and research-focused career paths within the Projects & Technology wing of Shell for the employees to explore and utilise their technical skills.