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Digitalisation and information technology are transforming our lives in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. Digital technology is also transforming the energy industry by improving efficiency, safety and reducing emissions.

Digitalisation is a key lever to accelerate Shell's transition to being a net-zero emissions energy company by reducing our operations' carbon footprint and helping us offer low-carbon energy solutions to our customers. Shell has been a pioneer in developing and deploying digital technologies for decades, and the pace of adoption is accelerating almost exponentially. We are building in-house capability and embedding digital technologies across every aspect of our business.

We live our core values of honesty, integrity and respect, so you can work in an environment that encourages you to be the best version of yourself and respects the individual journeys that each of us will take.

IT solutions are serving millions!

IT solutions are serving millions

At Shell, our Information Technology (IT) team works on complex challenges to power progress and deliver impact.

We do this through industry-leading delivery capability and people development centres. We have 80 million digitally connected customers, which translates to an opportunity to deliver digital transformation.

Investing in our technology and people

Grow your skills

For Shell, digitalisation is not just about technology. It is also our culture, people, and agile working methods. Being a part of this global team means being part of an ecosystem of external and internal stakeholders, customers, and partners. We use advanced infrastructure and partner with the world's best tech and cloud providers to accelerate and scale digitalisation across our businesses.

Partners in our energy transition

Partners in our energy transition

Information Technology at Shell has an ever-growing ecosystem of partnerships with industry leaders. For example, Shell has built a partnership over three decades with a strategic alliance to contribute toward a world with net-zero emissions. Together we aim to deliver new solutions to customers in support of their energy transition and carbon reduction ambitions. Shell has agreed to supply Microsoft with renewable energy, helping Microsoft to meet its commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

A Global Team:

Our four IT organisational functions - Enterprise IT, Business IT, Information & Digital Engineering and Information & Digital Services and Operations within Shell work across four locations in Houston, The Hague, London, and Bangalore.

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT owns Shell's digital technology roadmap and steers our overall IT strategy to drive business outcomes and enable efficient IT architecture, data, risk, governance, and integration. As the architects of IT solutions, we deliver Market Standard IT Platforms by maximising impact from data. In addition, we design technology solutions that help to maintain a streamlined IT architectural foundation.


Information & Digital Engineering (IDE)

Information and Digital Engineering (IDE)

Information and Digital Engineering enables the creation of business-aligned skill pools and career paths that bring business and IT skills together to power progress through capability-building centres. These capability-building centres drive learning and upskilling programmes for Design Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Information Data & Analytics, Project & Programme Management, Software Engineering, Transformational Change, Business Products & Platform Capability, Citizen development, Power Digital Core, as well as Strategy and Planning.

Business IT

Business IT

Our business-facing IT teams lead groups of experts in our Projects and Technology, Upstream, Downstream, Integrated Gas and Renewables & Energy Solutions businesses – providing them with IT solutions that support their business objectives.

These IT business interfaces provide thought leadership by developing strategic IT plans, managing portfolios, and driving delivery. They hold end-to-end accountability for technological solutions to strengthen business portfolio health and operating strategies, employing information risk management and compliance and assurance processes. They identify, create and protect value from technology and data investments and sponsor citizen development projects to achieve outstanding business outcomes.


Information & Digital Services and Operations (IDSO)

Information and Digital Services and Operations

This team runs the IT systems that run Shell. Shell's Information and Digital Services and Operations team's collaboration tools enable our global workforce to come together and deliver reliable, secure, and affordable IT operations that support business strategies and build easy-to-use enterprise technologies.

We build enterprise technology and operate IT for all our assets to enable people to work effectively, reliably, and securely. We create digital foundations for operating and maintaining IT systems that millions of Shell's customers and stakeholders rely on every day. In addition, we execute controls to ensure Shell's financials are trustworthy to investors and to help close books on time by detecting, managing, and reporting data and cyber incidents.


Information & Digital Engineering

Find out about our Information & Digital Engineering team, who develop delivery capability to equip people with the right skills, methodologies, standards, platforms, and tools, creating business-aligned skill pools and career paths that bring business and IT skills to power progress as we tackle the energy challenge together.

Software Engineering

Be a part of Shell's software engineers to collaborate and develop scalable solutions that accelerate business outcomes and open new possibilities. The software engineers at Shell apply excellent engineering skills within a vibrant global community of natural teams who are passionate about innovation and investing in people.

Information Data & Analytics

Join the Information Data & Analytics professionals at Shell who deliver IT technology solutions across the full spectrum of unstructured to structured data.

Design Engineering

Explore more opportunities at Shell’s Design Engineering - a vibrant global community of creative, tech-savvy design engineers and agile team players who leverage their knowledge and expertise to power progress as we tackle the energy challenge together.

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