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Information Data & Analytics professionals at Shell deliver IT technology solutions across the full spectrum of unstructured to structured data. They have a deep business domain and technology expertise to build scalable and replicable solutions that drive business outcomes.

Be a part of a community of experts, bringing ideas to reality and embedding AI in every aspect of our organisation, making our existing businesses more effective, efficient and competitive as we power our progress and tackle the energy challenge together.

We work in communities, collaborating and co-creating at speed and scale.

Digitalisation at Shell

Digitalisation at Shell

Within Shell, the pace of digital adoption is accelerating almost exponentially. We provide data solutions expertise across a wide range of platforms, tools, and technologies, constantly scanning the market for the latest technology offerings as well as facilities and commercial application data solutions. We are building in-house capability and embedding digital across every aspect of our business.

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Accelerating the Digital Journey

Digital technology is maturing quickly, and the next wave of technology has the potential to be even more disruptive than what we have seen so far. However, we want to make an impact and maintain it at scale, so we need to develop and deploy solutions globally and at speed.

We actively participate in the data and analytics certification of practice as it supports upskilling and data literacy events, both critical to the success of data analytics and its business partners. Our key focus areas include data foundations, tools and technologies, analytics and storytelling.

Powering Progress with Information Data & Analytics

Powering Progress with Information Data & Analytics

We are standardising approaches and aligning common data structures, platforms, tools and ways of working across businesses. These allow us to share best practices and code to work seamlessly in cross-disciplinary global teams. With digital technologies, we make it possible to design and operate entirely new energy systems at the device, plant, and regional scales, transforming the carbon footprint of industrial processes.

Hear how Information Data and Analytics professionals are powering progress at Shell


  • Grow your skills

    You have the opportunity to work at the forefront of technology, trends and practices. Be inspired to build your abilities, learn from experiences and grow the skills you need to get – and stay – ahead. You will be a part of a team of the best and the brightest colleagues who develop practical solutions, allowing you to learn and improve.

  • Achieve your balance in a values-led culture

    We live our core values of honesty, integrity and respect, so you can work in an environment that encourages you to be the best version of yourself and respects the individual journeys each of us will take. Enjoy flexible working arrangements and receive competitive compensation & benefits.

  • Collaborate with experienced colleagues

    Our business needs are varied and continuously evolving, providing opportunities for employees to explore different career paths. Work with professionals and leaders, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. We invite people to think differently and learn from the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, ideas and knowledge at Shell.

  • Develop the energy solutions of tomorrow and today

    Play a role in developing solutions that support the energy transition and address the energy needs of today. Working across our diverse businesses and capabilities, you’ll have the opportunity to power progress for the world around us.

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