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Digitalisation design thinking


You can be a part of the future of energy. Together at Shell, we are transitioning to become a net-zero emissions business while providing the energy that people around the world need today.

Our Information and Digital Engineering team equips people with the right skills, standards, platforms and tools – bringing business and IT capabilities together to work toward common goals and create business-aligned career paths.

As we tackle the energy transition together, our IT needs are changing and emerging digital technologies are redefining our operating environment by the day. Empowering people with the right learning and upskilling is essential to scale digital solutions efficiently and meet these challenges.

We deliver digital solutions with a passion for excellence. Here, you’ll work in an environment that encourages you to be the best version of yourself and respects the individual journeys each of us will take.

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Shell's IT needs are continuously evolving as emerging digital technologies redefine our operating environment. Empowering our people with knowledge and upskilling is essential to scale digital solutions efficiently. We do this through capability-building centres established for design engineering, enterprise resource planning, information data and analytics, project & programme management, software engineering, transformational change, business products and platform capability, citizen development, power digital core, and strategy & planning.

Information & Design Capability Centres

Enterprise Resourcing Planning

Enterprise Resourcing Planning

Enterprise Resourcing Planning is Shell's capability centre for market standard solutions. We partner across our businesses on their digital journey, helping to maximise the value of their investments.

Information, Data & Analytics (IDA)

Information, Data & Analytics

Shell's Information, Data & Analytics professionals deliver business and technology across the spectrum of unstructured to structured data. We have deep business domain and technology expertise to build scalable and replicable solutions that drive business outcomes.

Project & Programme Management

Project and Programme Management

The Project and Programme Management team aims to deliver faster time to delivery by developing capabilities and embedding best practices with an entrepreneurial mindset. We nurture talented professionals and drive lean-agile practice with a relentless focus on delivering business outcomes.

Power Digital Core

Power Digital Core

Power Digital Core enables a world-class capability centre for Shell's integrated power business, building energy value chains and providing a secure, seamless and integrated digital customer experience.

Design Engineering

Design Engineering

The Design Engineering team builds cost-effective, simple to use, secure and scalable IT systems. We are the sought-after innovation and business-centric partners for Shell businesses, enabling the delivery of excellent and world-class technological solutions. In addition, the team drives industry best practices through solution engineering, quality engineering, security, and compliance.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Our software engineers collaborate and develop scalable solutions, applying engineering skills across our community of natural teams, building commercial and production-ready software. By keeping our solutions on the right track, we gain the trust of our stakeholders and the freedom to break new ground in tackling the challenges of tomorrow.

Transformational Change

Transformational Change

The most outstanding value of digitalisation comes from transformed work processes. Successful digital transformation requires a single-minded focus on change management, and this team aims to drive business-owned transformation while protecting continuity and achieving predictable and sustainable results. We accelerate the adoption of IT solutions and value enablement from investment in Information Technology.

Business Products & Platform Capability

Business Products and Platform Capability

The Business Products and Platform Capability team work to scale product delivery. We build business products and platforms by combining technical and business domain expertise.

Do It Yourself, or DIY

Do It Yourself

Our 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) focuses on deploying low-code and no-code tools across Shell. We aim to empower every employee to improve productivity and encourage organisational agility to contribute to Shell's Powering Progress strategy and accelerate digital transformation through accessible, secure, and reliable tools and platforms.

 We are providing the platforms, training, and a protected interface so that they can also use AI and data science to develop solutions for bespoke processes.

Strategy & Planning (S&P)

Strategy & Planning (S&P)

Strategy & Planning plays a highly collaborative role and works across lines of businesses to ensure alignment with Shell’s Information Technology strategy.

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Design Engineering

Explore more opportunities at Shell’s Design Engineering - a vibrant global community of creative, tech-savvy design engineers and agile team players who leverage their knowledge and expertise to power progress as we tackle the energy challenge together.

Software Engineering

Be a part of Shell's software engineers to collaborate and develop scalable solutions that accelerate business outcomes and open new possibilities. The software engineers at Shell apply excellent engineering skills within a vibrant global community of natural teams who are passionate about innovation and investing in people.

Information Data & Analytics

Join the Information Data & Analytics professionals at Shell who deliver IT technology solutions across the full spectrum of unstructured to structured data.