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Shell's software engineers collaborate to develop scalable solutions that accelerate business outcomes and open new possibilities, applying excellent engineering skills within a vibrant global community of natural teams. We are passionate about innovation and investing in people to drive real technical ingenuity in the energy sector.

Our global business provides an array of opportunities. Our career paths are broad, consisting of categories of work with a wide range of jobs and responsibilities. If you are a subject matter expert or a curious self-starter, an innovative thinker, and a team player, explore the variety of roles on offer in Software Engineering. You'll use your software know-how and technological skills to make a positive difference for people and communities everywhere while enjoying the support of our leadership and colleagues every step of the way; you'll build a purposeful career you can be proud of.

IT Powering the Energy Transition

Shell x Stack Overflow present a podcast series that show the important role IT plays in the energy transition.

Listen to all episodes and learn more about how IT can contribute to the energy transition.

Explore the broad spectrum of careers available:

Experience Design

Experience Design

The Experience Design team works on a digital platform that creates transparency in supply chain decarbonisation and supports Shell suppliers through their energy transition journey, converting them to customers for low-carbon alternatives Shell offers. The team delivered a customer-centric platform where they brought the best of Shell to customers in one place and commercialised offers rapidly.


Business Platforms

Our subject matter expertise in software engineering is at the heart of our business platforms. We provide choice and flexibility by acquiring market standard IT platforms by maximising impact from data, designing and operating our IT with agility, and maintaining a simplified IT architectural foundation.

Agile Hub

Agile Hub

As part of the Agile Hub team, you can facilitate greater collaboration and faster connections between our businesses and customers. Our Agile-Hub Team's contribution to providing cleaner energy has lately been immense. We have been enabling innovation and projects that support clean energy that contributes to Shell's commitment to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Native Software Engineering

Native Software Engineering

The Native Software Engineering team has a real-time data feed to aid accuracy in forecasting, making renewable assets profitable and helping the business move away from using fossil fuels.

We are part of a team that offers you a unique opportunity to make a difference in our energy businesses. We use cloud-native development technologies to accelerate and scale digitalisation across our organisational functions.

We modernise software engineering by developing critical applications with cloud-native development technologies, speeding the development process, aiding flexibility, and enabling the business to respond faster to market demands.



Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow are the software-as-a-service offerings used in delivering solutions and enterprise-wide platforms for business, HR and IT processes supporting 93,000 Shell employees. Security and quality have always been the two critical elements in software development, but now the team also work to reduce the total change in carbon emissions associated with software. If successful, the business can create high-quality, secure, lower carbon software products. We are members of the Green Software Foundation

The salesforce team is building a technology stack to help Shell customers meet their home energy needs with renewable resources. The team also helps stakeholders provide a more creative work environment while saving time, money and energy by introducing software robots.

See how our Software Engineers are powering progress:


  • Grow your skills

    You have the opportunity to work at the forefront of technology, trends and practices. Be inspired to build your abilities, learn from experiences and grow the skills you need to get – and stay – ahead. You will be a part of a team of the best and the brightest colleagues who develop practical solutions, allowing you to learn and improve.

  • Achieve your balance in a values-led culture

    We live our core values of honesty, integrity and respect, so you can work in an environment that encourages you to be the best version of yourself and respects the individual journeys each of us will take. Enjoy flexible working arrangements and receive competitive compensation & benefits.

  • Collaborate with experienced colleagues

    Our business needs are varied and continuously evolving, providing opportunities for employees to explore different career paths. Work with professionals and leaders, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. We invite people to think differently and learn from the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, ideas and knowledge at Shell.

  • Develop the energy solutions of tomorrow and today

    Play a role in developing solutions that support the energy transition and address the energy needs of today. Working across our diverse businesses and capabilities, you’ll have the opportunity to power progress for the world around us.

more in Information Technology

Design Engineering

Explore more opportunities at Shell’s Design Engineering - a vibrant global community of creative, tech-savvy design engineers and agile team players who leverage their knowledge and expertise to power progress as we tackle the energy challenge together.

Information & Digital Engineering

Find out about our Information & Digital Engineering team, who develop delivery capability to equip people with the right skills, methodologies, standards, platforms, and tools, creating business-aligned skill pools and career paths that bring business and IT skills to power progress as we tackle the energy challenge together.

Information Data & Analytics

Join the Information Data & Analytics professionals at Shell who deliver IT technology solutions across the full spectrum of unstructured to structured data.