Divya’s story

Divya Goli is a Digital Design Business Analyst based in Bangalore. She is keen to constantly ensure colleagues are engaged and immersed in their work, and firmly believes human interaction and authentic relationships are the best way to keep people motivated. Her motto is ‘a S.M.I.L.E can be simple, memorable, interesting, lovely or expressive, but even the smallest smile can brighten a room’.

One of the key messages at Shell is that nobody should ever feel afraid to put their hand up and get advice or ask for clarification. I love being able to help people, but I also love that I can ask for assistance whenever I need it because everyone around me is always willing to help. I’m proud of the bond everyone in my team has with one another, and that’s largely because we’re all so open, honest, and sincere.

I think working in an office with a variety of projects going on at one time is very advantageous. Sometimes I’ll end up learning things or coming across methods that can then either be utilised on another project, or can be passed on to someone else so they can make their work processes more efficient. It’s a very dynamic environment.

Because my team works with mobile applications, they are very creative. They are always using imagery and interesting graphics, so this wall really reflects our mindset. Our User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers helped to get the wall design completed. It is a visual representation of the journey we have travelled as a department, and we’ve received a lot of compliments from other areas of the company that now want to do something similar.

The picture on the right is of me just about to hit a shot during a badminton game. I like a lot of sports, but I consider badminton to be the one I’m best at. We’re having a competition at work soon, and I’m quietly confident!

One of my favourite vacations was the time we went to a coffee estate. We walked around the plantation, collected and ground some beans, and then got to try lots of different coffees. They all tasted amazing, and I’d recommend it to everyone if they get the chance.

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