Enabling Shell’s Digital Transformation

At Shell, our mission is to deliver high quality, cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions to communities across the world. Our Information Technology (IT) specialists spearhead our big successes by enabling us to explore and consistently innovate.

Being part of a company that serves over 30 million consumers daily translates to an opportunity to deliver secure and reliable digital transformation at scale across 80 countries. Our communities of technology experts identify new opportunities, pursue emerging tools and constantly reinvent themselves to deliver IT solutions that drive growth, streamline performance and promote efficiency.

We are currently expanding our teams in Information Risk Management (IRM), CyberDefence and Security & Compliance, rapidly.

Shell employee working in information risk management and cyber security looking at computer codes

What do we do in IRM?

We protect Shell’s information assets against existing risks and potential threats to ensure secure and reliable operations for the company’s businesses across the world. Our experts tackle the growing information on security threats and challenges resulting from the digital transformation of Shell businesses. This is done by using technology and through creating awareness for users and business stakeholders.

What do we do in CyberDefence?

CyberDefence and Risk Operations operates at the forefront of information security, building trust, driven by world class experts and equipped with cutting-edge technology, to protect and enable our business today and into the future.

The changing IT landscape provides many opportunities to move our business into the digital world, enabling improvements in the way Shell operates. However, with these changes also come greater challenges with regard to security, compliance and information and data protection. Cyber-attacks can cause damage to reputation, destruction of assets and loss of information. Shell is taking action to detect and respond to the continuous flow of these types of attacks. As part of Shell IT Operate, CyberDefence has specific focus on identifying cyber threats, discovery of IT vulnerabilities, advising on preventative security measures, monitoring for cyber intrusions and response to security incidents. It ensures that Shell can make use of the opportunities provided by the digital transformation effectively and securely.

What do we do in Security & Compliance?

As part of Shell’s strategy to become faster in adapting digital technology and to leverage new opportunities, Security & Compliance team takes cues from Shell IT Line of Defense model and Industry best practices to fully implement line of defense role demarcation in the Shell IT landscape. Identifying various risks to business objectives and deciding on respective risk responses is at the center of Security & Compliance's function. Security & Compliance also focuses on mitigation of the identified risks through implementation and operation of relevant controls.

If you have the passion, curiosity and agility to solve practical problems, be part of our IT and digital community that harvests technology to deliver future-ready solutions. Help us make a tangible impact. In return, we will place you at the forefront of IT innovation and fuel your growth by giving you a Global platform along with pioneering projects, state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent technical, commercial and leadership training.

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