Career Journey

Prior to joining Shell, I spent 18 years working in the banking sector in Australia and New Zealand. I started out as a developer and my career path included a variety of technology roles, enabling new business capability and transformation.

I had a growing desire to experience the world beyond Australia and New Zealand. So, I started looking for a global role that would enrich my experience working with people from different geographies and cultures.

Since joining Shell in September 2017, I’ve seen this dream come to life. My role has become broader, bigger and strategic. I’m responsible for rolling out a technology platform across countries, as well as being a focal point for recruitment – both of which involve interacting with people across the globe.

There are close to 20+ people working in the program as part of my natural team, spread across Asia, Europe and the US. I manage a talented team, all of whom are energetic, passionate and very proud of being part of Shell.

Managing Millennials

My team is very mixed in terms of age and experience. I have some people with 25 years of experience, and others who joined straight out of university.

I aim to collaborate with my team members, while trialling, challenging and stretching them so they can demonstrate their full potential. I’ve found this collaborative approach is even more important with millennials. They’ve grown up with a closer relationship to technology and have different expectations and attention-spans.

What’s great about Shell is that there are plenty of professional opportunities to keep the younger generation engaged and motivated. We work with Cloud, Microservices, Robotics, Mobile apps, agile and DevOps. These are genuinely exciting for the younger generation, and with a career at Shell, they can get hands-on experience with them every day.

A Sharing Culture

Since joining Shell, every day has been a learning experience. I am interacting with different people on a daily basis, so there’s always something new I find out about the business and its technological adaption.

Compared to other places I have worked, the opportunity to work directly with Shell’s core business is strong. Instead of being confined to technology, I get to hear constantly about what’s going on around the organization. There’s lots of information freely available, and a high-level of transparency with leaders sharing from the top down.

Here, people want to help others. They want others to succeed. If I have a challenge, I reach out to them and people make a genuine effort to help. This is something that I think is very unique to Shell. People are hardly ever in their own world, they are completely open to collaboration.

Next Career Move

I used to think that I should be settled on a defined career path and try to move as far in that direction as possible. But at Shell, it’s possible to take any role in any location and the opportunities are plenty. People are encouraged to move around laterally, so that they can try something new every two years or so. This has given me a completely new perspective on career progression.

Important Lessons

The most important lesson I’ve learnt so far at Shell is to partner for success. The energy business demands partnership in all aspects.  Shell truly lives and thrives through this philosophy and it has provided a completely different perspective to how I see partnership.

Being part of Shell, I can say I’m truly proud to be part of the family.


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