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When discussing her rewarding new role, overseeing a major lubricants company in Indonesia, Dian shared that there is an increasing number of women within Shell being appointed to senior leadership roles globally.

“While I may be the first Shell Country GM in Indonesia who is female, my gender is not really an issue. Yes, I just happen to be a woman. What’s really important for me is this role. As GM I believe I am better placed to lead and really make a difference,” Dian said.

Dian’s leadership potentials were recognised early in her professional career as she was awarded a Chevening Scholarship; a scheme which enables students with leadership qualities to study and work in the UK. Her qualifications also include an MBA in Finance.

Her career with Shell started eight years ago and has included a range of different professional roles and experiences: first, as a Retail Finance Manager for Indonesia. Thereafter, for three years in Singapore, Dian’s Shell role was Downstream Strategy Consultant where she worked on projects across the region. Then, after a career shift into marketing for Shell, Dian returned to her home as Marketing Manager for Indonesia. 

She was appointed as GM in early 2016.

Leadership: Encouraging Diversity

“This a fantastic role: my dream role. Why? Because my personal passion is to see people grow: to see them achieve their best – be inspired and reach their potential,” Dian said. 

Encouraging diversity in the workplace is a key priority for Dian. 

“Diversity is broader than gender and background; it’s about unlocking opportunities for people. It’s about those men and women who may not realise opportunity is not only available but it’s waiting for them to grab it,” Dian said. “And that’s where Shell is responsive: we’re creating those opportunities.”

Dian sees her role as helping employees overcome self-doubt which can often block awareness of opportunities and being proactive about them. One challenge she is focused on is to remove these barriers. “Our response here must be at both the individual level and, especially, across the whole workplace,” she said.

“And too often, I find, the self-doubters are women. They question their worth. ‘Can I do it? Should I put my hand up?’ they often ask. Globally, Shell is committed to diversity and inclusion. And as we improve the inclusion of women by addressing this self-doubt, so too will we improve diversity,” Dian said.

Dian andyasuri and her familiy

Leadership: Encouraging Inspiration

Soon, after taking the role as GM, Dian took action to address the issue of self-doubt in women. Dian believes women would rather be inspired – by whatever they do – rather than have self-doubts about it. She sponsored the establishment of the Shell Indonesia Women’s Network, which already has a few programmes up and running. 

Keen to make all these programmes interesting and fun, Dian said she is especially pleased at the response to the ‘Bring Your Kids to the Office’ programme.

“Bringing your kids to the office is just one step we’ve taken to help make our workplaces more family-friendly and comfortable: more like home. After all, how can you be inspired or be inspiring at work if you are not comfortable and relaxed?” Dian said. 

For Dian, the more home-like one’s working environment is, the more it’s “a good place to be,” she said. “It’s a place where you feel secure; where there are people you work with who you trust and have your back; and will also work with you to help you grow,” she said.

As Dian progresses in her role, her aim is to continue to find ways to improve Shell as an attractive, inspiring place to work. 

“We continue to make progress in developing Shell as a family-friendly place to work,” Dian said. “And progressiveness is, after all, one of the key reasons why Shell continues to grow. I’m glad to be playing a role in that.”

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