The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a seismic shift in our lives and is affecting our loved ones, the businesses we work with and the way we live our lives. These are truly unprecedented times that demand us all to steer through unique challenges every day.

Shell India’s priority is the health and safety of our people, customers and the communities we operate in and the continued safe operations of our businesses.

We are all in this together and together, we shall overcome this challenge!

For our People

The safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and our site heroes is our topmost priority.

For Office-based staff

  • Mandatory work from home instilled for all office-based staff
  • Business travel inside and outside of India stopped
  • Virtual engagement sessions, Telemedicine & Virtual Employee Assistance Programme support to address staff concerns regarding social, mental and physical health 

For employees and contractors working at various Shell sites and plants

  • Shell plants continue to run with skeletal staff
  • Sanitization of the office areas and deep cleaning where required
  • Indoor air quality checks conducted regularly
  • Social distancing during operations by clearly-defined marks for all walking and operating areas
  • Thermal screening at entry points of the plant
  • Disinfection of transport vehicles after every use, strict adherence to social distancing with organized seating plan
  • Masks and sanitizers for employees and contractors and proper disposal of used PPEs

For Shell Retail station staff:

  • Stringent personal hygiene standards mandated for the site staff including regular cleaning of hands with soap or sanitizer
  • Safe distance maintained by staff during fueling, oil check/change and in-shop transactions
  • Sanitization of Deli2go counters at regular intervals
  • Staff members handling food continue to wear caps, gloves and masks as part of food handling procedures
  • Any staff member feeling unwell are advised to stay off work and consult a doctor immediately

Our Vice President - HR, Tarun Varma shares with on how Shell India made the new normal, work in the midst of a new reality, read here

For our Customers

Shell India stays committed to ensure minimal disruptions to our business and service delivery to our customers and partners. Our retail stations and operation sites continue to remain open. We have robust business continuity plans in place to ensure the safety and sustainability of our business operations.

  • Regular connect with customers for sharing the latest developments on our operations, credit support, equipment re-start care and maintenance guidance
  • Social distancing at all touchpoints while at a Shell fuel station – greeted with the traditional Namaskar, maintaining safe distance during fueling, contactless payment modes encouraged including UPI and NFC
  • Availability of hand sanitizers for customers at multiple touchpoints
  • Food safety: Only food items that can be heated above 65 degrees Celsius is being served at deli2go
  • Crowd management techniques: queues with demarcated areas and allowing only 5 people at a time inside the Shell Select store (only 1 in case of smaller sized stores)
  • Introduction of categories like ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat, and daily essentials (bread, milk, flour, etc.) and safety essentials (masks, sanitizers, etc.) at Shell Select outlets (currently available in select cities) to help our customers make as few trips outside their homes for essentials as possible and to ensure they remain safe on-the-go.
  • Partnership with task app Dunzo for non-fuel retail products to ensure our customers have access to essentials without having to step out of their house.

Our Community Efforts

Shell salutes the frontliners who have been working tirelessly to #FlattenTheCurve and contain the spread of COVID-19.

  • Shell India is reaching out to more than 126,000 people with more than 35,000 relief kits and 14800 meals
  • Grocery kits are being distributed among vulnerable communities/daily wage workers around our retail sites in 9 cities and 6 towns. Through this activity, we have so far touched almost 55,000 lives
  • Complimentary beverages offered to 2600 members of the healthcare community across 62 sites to show our appreciation. View the Healthcare Heroes section
  • 2000 hygiene kits distributed to Uber Medic/Essential drivers who are providing services to the community
  • For some of our on-ground initiatives by retail, please view the Care for Community section
  • Through Vision Spring and our distributor partners, distributed Care packages with food and hygiene essentials to 12000 ambulance drivers, truckers and allied transport staff stranded at the borders and mechanics whose income has been impacted across 15 cities. Shell India appreciates the efforts of truck drivers and healthcare professionals across the country for ensuring the supply of essential services. View our Thank you message
  • Provided 1600 vulnerable families of fenceline villages around Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore with grocery and hygiene items that will support them for at least two weeks
  • Provided 800 vulnerable families around the Taloja facility with grocery and hygiene items that will support them for a week
  • Provided 2575 vulnerable families (Halpati fishermen & BPL) in Hazira gas fence villages with grocery kits
  • Essential Groceries have also been provided to community kitchens in two locations of Surat city for providing daily food to migrant laborer and poor families for their survival and wellbeing
  • Nearly 750 patients from the economically weaker section have taken benefit of Hazira Medical facility free of cost during lockdown period

We will continue to provide regular updates here on our efforts.

Thank you


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A video to show various sides of the current COVID-19 situation and to thank everyone for playing a part in keeping India safe.

Thank You Transcript

[Background music plays]

The Sound of Shell adaptation

[Text displays]

If you are watching this at home, you are doing your bit in helping us get through this.

Disclaimer: The film has been created using stock footage. The situations shown here are for representation.

[Text displays]

Thank you for…

[Video Footage]

We see two Indian men setting up their small grocery sop early one morning, getting ready for their customers. One of them is sorting some beans.

[Text displays]

Showing up despite the fears

[Video Footage]

A father and son duo are sitting together on a sofa in their home and laughing while reading a book.

[Text displays]

Finding reasons to keep the laughter going

[Video Footage]

A young woman in a living room, having a video conference with her colleagues.

[Text displays]

Making it work, from wherever you are

[Video Footage]

A person placing a parcel on a doormat outside an apartment door. The next shot shows a person taking our food packets from the same parcel and nodding, while checking his order on his phone.

[Text displays]

Going the distance, in the time of social-distancing

[Video Footage]

Shot of a Shell fuel bunk. The service champion is waving in a 2W motorist. In the next scene, we see employees of a Shell fuel bunk readying packages of essentials items and distributing them to people

[Text displays]

Making sure our lives run smoothly

[Video Footage]

The scene shows a woman standing on her balcony with a cup of coffee in her hand. We see her wave and smile at someone. Cut to, a shot of the security guard, returning her wave with a salute and a smile.

[Text displays]

Looking out for each other

[Video Footage]

We see two doctors in a hospital complex discussing a patient’s reports.

 [Text displays]

Not giving up on us

[Text displays]

We’ve never been so apart, yet so united.

[Text displays]

Thank you to the heroes on the front line.

We couldn’t do it without you.

[Text displays]

And to the ones staying home, for keeping India safe.

[Text displays]

Keep the dreams that fuel you alive.

This is only a pause in you #inspiringjourney


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Shell brand mnemonic.

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Disinfection of a transport vehicle underway
Disinfection of a transport vehicle underway
Thermal screening at entry point
Thermal screening at the entry point of a Shell plant
Doctor in a locked-down community
Near the north-west coast of India, a doctor has been working to help those finding life especially hard during the COVID-19 lockdown. This is his story.