About Shell E4 programme

What is the Shell E4  programme ?

The Shell E4 programme is scouting for entrepreneurs, startups with innovative business models, technology ideas and products. The startup should be in early, pilot, or post-pilot stages with a potential to impact the future of energy. We will work with the selected cohort for a period of six months and provide them with access to Shell’s capability in technology development and product commercialization, along with mentorship and a fixed sum investment. 

At Shell India, we are driven by our purpose of “Powering more and cleaner energy solutions - through our people, partnerships and innovations - for India and the world”. E4 is a natural extension of this core purpose, and envisions to create shared value of society by nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

Startups shall have access to infrastructure, expertise, capital and customers to help them accelerate their business growth and test the commercial and technical viability of their business offering. The startups will benefit from Shell’s Technology Labs and IT infrastructure, resources, network of partners and customers, and will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to other potential investors brought in during the program.

The Shell E4 program builds upon the company’s global vision to support the energy sector’s evolving ecosystem. Shell has a rich history of working with entrepreneurs across the energy value chain globally. Details of some of our programs can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

Aligned to this vision, #Makethefuture Accelerator India, which concluded earlier in March 2017, demonstrates Shell’s commitment to improve and build new energy systems through innovation and collaboration.

Shell E4 will be located at the Shell Technology Centre Bengaluru (STCB) and, is well positioned to leverage the vibrant Bengaluru ecosystem. 

What will the selection process entail?

The evaluation process entails the following stages:

  • Initial screening of the applications: There is a multi-level screening process involved. Applications will be screened over multiple rounds for eligibility against the assessment criteria and scored on the basis of screening guidelines. All the shortlisted startups shall be notified at the end of this screening round. Those who do not meet the criteria will not proceed to the next round. 
  • Due diligence: The selected startups will go through an audit to confirm all facts, financial records, any other deemed material
  • Shortlisting of the startups for 1st cohort: Following the evaluation, the selected startups will form the 1st cohort and will be incubated with Shell for a period of 6 months.

Startups selected as part of 1 st cohort will work with Shell for a period of 6 months.

What are the important dates?

Activity Timeline
Cohort 2 Application Deadline
May 31st, 2018
Announcement of Cohort 2
June 30th, 2018

Can my organization submit more than one application?

We will only accept one application per organization.

Can we participate if we are already getting support from another corporate, agency or investor?

Yes. The application form will ask you to provide details of any external funding or support received by your team.


Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee to participate. However, Shell will take a small equity position in the selected startups. This shall be a mandatory condition for getting accepted into the Shell E4 programme.

How do I register for this programme?

Companies can participate in the Shell E4 programme by registering their business ideas through an online link provided on Shell India website. The link will direct the applicant to an online application form that will ask for specific details with respect to their business idea, model/solution, contribution to India’s energy scenario, feasibility in the Indian market and personal information.

Who can apply?

Enterprises must:

  • Operate in an Indian city
  • Be early stage, pilot or post pilot
  • Physically available at Bangalore for 6 months between July - December 2018
  • The indicative list of themes to be followed:
    • Conventional Oil and Gas: Improving production efficiency and safety; Wastewater management; Enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
    • Distribution in Energy Storage: Micro-grid management; Smart metering; Efficiency in distribution network; Batteries/hydrogen/fuel cell
    • Digitalization: Predictive Maintenance solutions for the Oil & Gas market; Blockchain solutions for the Supply Chain.
    • Mobility Solution: Transport Safety; LNG in transport (buses/trucks); Clean Technology (EV Vehicles)
    • Waste Management: Waste-to-energy segregation 
    • Environment: Energy efficiency; Reducing CO2 emission
    • Renewable Energy: Solar energy, Wind energy, Bio-gas/biodiesel
    • Energy Access: Energy as an enabler, technology, services and business models  
*Please note - This is not an exhaustive but just an indicative list.

Will Shell bear the expenses incurred by the applicants?

Shell’s startup program will identify startups, with the potential to impact the future of energy, as part of 1st cohort and will work with them for a period of 6 months. The company will provide them with support, expertise, mentorship and a fixed sum investment.

Application Form

What is the language of submission?


Will all application forms be read?

We will read all applications that are complete and fulfill our eligibility criteria.

Is there a team size requirement?

No. In case, of more than three members, please provide an organogram. Additionally, clearly specify the details of the team member who would be representing the business throughout the Shell E4 program.

Is there any age limit?

18 is the minimum age limit for the team member who would be representing the business throughout the Shell E4 program. For rest of the team members there is no age restriction.

Do we have to submit additional material?

The application form provisions for you to submit PDF files for specific inputs. The jury will take all submissions into account. The additional material section is for supplemental material, and only if required. You will not be penalized or eliminated for not submitting additional material.

Will our information be kept confidential?

Your information will be shared with the application review team, panel of judges at the pitch and E4 program team. We will take your permissions before sharing your information outside of this group. For more information, read our Terms and Conditions.


Who will assess my application?

All complete and eligible applications will be reviewed and assessed by a selection panel formed by a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds in the energy industry.

Who will judge our pitch?

The jury is diverse and inclusive drawing from international / national experts like Mr. Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell group of companies in India; Anuradha Bhavnani, Head, Shell Foundation, India and Kirk Coburn, Venture Principal, Shell Technology Ventures

What do I get if I get selected?

Shell E4 program will give the 1st cohort an access to the following:

  • Infrastructure: Incubated startups will have access to Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (STCB) and Shell IT labs in Bangalore to support product development and testing. Additionally, the startups will be co-located with other leading energy startups in STCB providing them the opportunity to be in the vicinity of other like-minded startups.
  • Mentorship and Advisory: Startups will have access to technical and commercial mentorship by leveraging subject market experts in the organization. Additionally, regular interaction with industry leaders and academia will be organised as part of the programme. The Hub will also provide support for organizational functions like HR and legal.
  • Access to Capital: In addition to the fixed sum investment of $20,000, startups may raise further funding through the Investment Fund/Shell Technology Ventures (STV). Besides Shell’s investment arm, startups will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to other potential investors brought in towards the end of the program.
  • Access to Customers: If found relevant, Shell can be a potential deployment partner and customer. Additionally, where possible, the hub can provide access to Shell’s network of partners and customers in India and abroad.

Who can I get in touch with?

You can write to us on SIMPL-Shell-E4-Hub@shell.com

About the Global Programme

What is Shell GameChanger?

Shell GameChanger programme works with startups and businesses on unproven early-stage ideas with the potential to impact the future of energy. Shell provides these startups and businesses with a quick and cost-efficient way to show the technical and commercial viability of their technology idea or business plan

Under this programme, Shell provide companies with support, expertise and seed funding, while they maintain the independence to make their own decisions. Shell GameChanger has interacted with more than 5,000 innovators around the world, helping them turn more than 150 ideas into reality.

What is Shell Technology Ventures?

Shell Technology Ventures (STV) invests in companies across the energy sector to speed up the development and deployment of technologies complementing Shell business.

Established in 1998 as the first corporate venture fund in the oil and gas industry, STV acts as an investor and a partner in the commercialisation of innovation.

STV’s investment focus is a mix of traditional oil and gas, clean and green technologies, funds-of-funds and supporting companies to spin out. It considers companies in all stages of maturity, from seed to growth.

Along with funding, STV offers companies technical and scientific expertise, R&D facilities and field trial pilots to further develop and demonstrate their concepts. STV also provide unique access to a global customer base and to an extensive supplier and contractor network.

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