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Shell India celebrates partnership with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog to promote STEM education

Apr 16, 2024

New Delhi: Shell India celebrated the successful completion of the first phase of its innovative NXplorers program in over 100 schools across India, in partnership with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog.

Shell Advance upgrades portfolio, launches limited edition pack with Shahid Kapoor

Apr 12, 2024

National : Shell Lubricants India unveiled its upgraded portfolio of Shell Advance Motorcycle oils, offering advanced performance and a superior riding experience to its consumers.

Shell launches “Expect more from Shell Fuels" campaign for its new and improved fuel range

Feb 20, 2024

National: Shell has launched a new marketing campaign titled “Expect more from Shell Fuels” to introduce its new and improved range of fuels in India.

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How Shell is fuelling India's energy startup ecosystem with its flagship incubation programmes

Jul 08, 2024

Shell E4 is helping drive India towards a sustainable energy future by seamlessly connecting energy entrepreneurs with talent, technology, capital, and expertise.

Partnering with top Indian institutes on decarbonisation R&D

Jul 04, 2024

India can influence global energy transition by exploring its traditional frugal engineering: Shell

Shell focuses on enabling LNG-based mobility in India, set to foray into CBG

May 28, 2024

Shell Energy India is looking to supply more LNG as transport fuel along with collaborating with companies that set up LNG stations.

Shell to be part of India’s energy transition story, says Mansi Tripathy

Apr 14, 2024

With a strong R&D footing in India and tested upstream and downstream segment of the country’s hydrocarbon space, global oil and gas major, Shell Plc, is looking at opportunities in CBG (compressed biogas) here.

Shell's vision aligns with that of PM Modi for India's energy sector, says chief executive officer Wael Sawan

Feb 23, 2024

In an interview with ET, Shell CEO Wael Sawan expressed concerns about rising political and social polarization worldwide, citing its impact on policy stability and investment risks in the energy sector. He emphasized that Shell's energy transition trajectory will be driven by economics, regardless of political changes, although policy shifts can affect investor confidence.

Shell’s 'beating heart' | India to see EV infra expansion, says CEO Wael Sawan

Feb 21, 2024

The company’s strategy is to leverage its retail sites, offering customers convenience and service, as its primary asset. Shell is also exploring partnerships with other players in India and beyond to expand its network.