Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants, unveiled a new range of Product PLUS Services.

Shell recognises that simply supplying high quality lubricants is not always enough to give its customers a clear competitive advantage and has developed this range of services aimed at helping customers get the best from Shell products. In practice this means, customers get the best performance, fuel economy, extended maintenance intervals, reduced maintenance and can even prevent failures. This ultimately saves money and brings a competitive advantage for them.

Introducing the service portfolio in India, Donald Anderson, Country Head - Lubricants, Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd. stated, "The launch of the Product Plus service portfolio reinforces our strong commitment to providing value to our customers. Shell has been a global frontrunner in the lubricants industry in providing customers products with state-of-the-art technologies and innovative as well as effective services. We are determined to bring to our customers in India the same success drivers to enable them to experience their benefits."

Shell's Product PLUS portfolio has a wide range of services to meet the needs of B2C and B2B customers in India. Some of the services included in the portfolio are Shell LubeAnalyst, , Shell LubeAdvisor , Shell LubeClinic, Shell LubeCoach, Shell LubeExpert and Shell LubeVideoCheck, with the latest addition to the family, Shell LubeMatch. This web based tool is designed to help customers match their vehicles and engines to the correct lubricants, whether in the commercial vehicle, industrial or off-road sectors.

The website, is simple to use with drop down menus and provides recommendations for the right Lubricants for your equipment or vehicle within seconds.

Mark Raynes, Shell's Global Services Manager comments, "We have had a tremendous response to the launch of our new range of Products PLUS service across the world. For example, the online service Shell LubeMatch has witnessed over 2.5 million users already worldwide. The Shell LubeMatch service, which is available in 94 countries and 19 languages, is one of the most important services to us as it puts information that enables our customers to make the right lubricant decision through a free online tool."

"Now finding answers to important lubricants questions is easy! Our services are already demonstrating the value that product can deliver in real life cost savings and improvements for our customers."

Shell's Product PLUS helps the valued customers get the best performance and efficiency from Shell products. The company plans to continue investing in new innovative services to help customers realize maximum benefit from Shell's products.

The new range of services is already saving significant amount of money for Shell customers around the world:

Shell LubeAnalyst

  • Saves an impressive $600,778 on lost product in a steel Plant in India.
  • Saves Anglo American mining $1.6 million in reduced maintenance costs and downtime in South Africa.
  • Saves $134,894 in reduced maintenance and downtime at a large paper mill in the Czech Republic.
  • Shell saves $80,000 in its own Stanlow refinery by preventing failures and reducing downtime.

Shell LubeVideocheck

  • Shell prevents a major engine failure in a large opencast mining company in India saving $2,500.
  • Reduces downtime significantly at Enviritech solution a power generation company in South Africa saving $80,000.

The key services bring Online Lubrication recommendations; field based technical expertise and practical tools to monitor performance of lubricants whilst in service. Brought to life by the team of industry's strongest and the most competent local technical experts, these services have been designed to help customers realise real improvements to their vehicles and equipment.